David Boyer is a serial plagiarist.

Photos provided to distinguish the plagiarist Boyer from the other Boyers who share the same name.

Boyer has over 70 victims.

They range from best selling authors to fan fiction authors.

Boyer uses aliases.

Never disclosing his true idenity.

Boyer has been plagiarizing since 2003.

He's spent almost a decade deceiving people.

When caught, he denies and lies.

You need to look at the evidence and decide the truth for yourself.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Serial Plagiarist David Boyer Posts More Plagiarism on Booksie as Darren Oberhaus

David Boyer is no stranger to Booksie, and in fact, back in 2010 he posted a few plagiarized stories, such as, Lisa Morton's Death of Splatter.
 (please click to enlarge)
You can read all about Lisa's plagiarized story here:

Once again the trusting readers and writers on Booksie
have a serial plagiarist in their midst.

Currently posted on Booksie by Boyer, under his alias Darren Oberhaus, is The Cruelest Lie of All.  It is a patchwork plagiarized from several authors.

Boyer's Version

Natasha Von Lecter's "Burning Heart"
(please click to enlarge)


Boyer's Version

Abygonevexation's "Hannibal's Letter"
(please click to enlarge)

Boyer's Version

Jane Moss's "Burning Hearts"

Boyer's Version

Sade's "No Ordinary Love"

David Boyer has this as a poem written by a character.
Boyer does not give credit to Sade.

Boyer's Version

China Mail's "Beauty and Her Beast"

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

David Boyer Can't Even Write a Movie Review- Alias Darren Oberhaus Plagiarizes James Berardinelli

 Update on 5/5/2012: Weebly removed site containing plagiarized content.

 Thank you Weebly for your swift action!

Boyer is still an active plagiarist, and all writers are potential victims.

Darren Oberhaus' Review of Friday the 13th

James Berardinelli's Review of Friday the 13th

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Boyer as Darren Oberhaus Plagiarized Alex Moisi

Boyer continues plagiarize.

Jeani Rector of The Horror Zine discovered this one.

Darren Oberhaus's Snipe

Alex Moisi's The Days of My Life
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Boyer Back on Booksie- Hunting for Prey or Praise?

David Boyer returned to Booksie as his alias Darren Oberhaus.
Is he looking for trusting authors to plagiarize or is he looking for the adulation he appears to crave?

Previously on Booksie Boyer posted stories plagiarized from Lisa Morton and Ferrel "Rick" Moore. 

David Boyer on Lulu:

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easy as 1, 2, 3...See David Boyer Steal a Story! (Email Evidence)

I'd like to thank Ferrel "Rick" Moore for sending me the emails from his recent blog post:

First step, find good hunting ground for poaching. 
 Join a writer's group, especially ones that critiques stories.

Second step, bait your trap.
Send out stories for review.

Third step, wait for the unsuspecting prey to arrive.
Other writers of the group send their stories to you.

It's just that easy!

Below is the rest of the email exchange:

What happened next?
Boyer deleted Ferrel "Rick" Moore's name and attached his own to the story.  He then published Moore's story as his own in various magazines, on various websites, and in over 9 books he personally published.

Boyer could have gotten away with it if it wasn't for the fact Ferrel "Rick" Moore published his story in the anthology Beyond the Porch Light and Other Tales in 2002.

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Serial Plagiarist David Boyer Writes A Screenplay

The screenplay is not plagiarized, but that's not necessarily a good thing.   For example, the characters are flat, and the dialogue is implausible.

See the below excerpt from his screenplay where Brian Davis speaks with attorney Chris Tapley. 
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Friday, April 13, 2012

I took a week off of blogging...conducted some research.

So, next week look for news posts, for updates on old posts, and for a little comedy relief.

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