Monday, September 26, 2011

David Boyer, The Serial Plagiarist , Steals and Sells Wendy Brewer's Story

Excerpt from Wendy Brewer's Story:


Excerpt from Boyer's Plagiarized Version:

Pay extra attention to Boyer's note at the end where he shares
his motivation for "writing" the story.


Boyer Selling His Plagiarized Version:

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Ah! Is 16 TERRORS still being sold, then? Is my interview being used (as appears to be the case) to promote it? This would be the interview referred to in my famous exchange with Mr Boyer/Byron/(insert aliases ad nauseam):

date Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 5:46 AM
subject Ramsey Campbell interview

Since you're inviting emails, I should like to withdraw the interview you conducted with me. I don't want to see it used to help your reputation appear legitimate.

Sincerely -
Ramsey Campbell

David Boyer's response to Ramsey Campbell:

No problem, Mr. Campbell. I wouldn't want to soil your reputation by using the lousy, boring interview you gave me almost three years ago. You dragged your dead ass all over that interview as though you were in a cathartic coma, ready to purge your bowels at any moment. If you weren't interested in the first place, why did you do it? I didn't need your ''help'' in getting established. Since that pathetic interview, I have conducted over 300 more. And, without your assistance."

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