David Boyer is a serial plagiarist.

Photos provided to distinguish the plagiarist Boyer from the other Boyers who share the same name.

Boyer has over 70 victims.

They range from best selling authors to fan fiction authors.

Boyer uses aliases.

Never disclosing his true idenity.

Boyer has been plagiarizing since 2003.

He's spent almost a decade deceiving people.

When caught, he denies and lies.

You need to look at the evidence and decide the truth for yourself.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

David Boyer Plagiarizes Nickolaus Pacione?

Take a look: 

On one of David Boyer's first attempts at a fiction magazine website, Boyer posted a piece of fiction submitted by Nickolaus Pacione titled A Mind Of Illness:

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Here is the same story published June 3, 2011 in a David Boyer self published anthology under the title Hotel Purgatory:
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Nicholaus Pacione's  comment:
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

David Boyer of Vincennes, Indiana: New Alias and New Plagiary?

Boyer active as George LaCroix/George D. LaCroix?

See for yourself.

New site:

On Storymania:

Magazines that have published him:
UPDATE: Story Removed  

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UPDATE: Story Removed
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http://www.anelectrictragedy.com/stories.html  (This site has removed the story as far as I can tell, but it still appears in Google's cache.)

Boyer's recent act of possible plagiary is of the story "Vegas" by Ellen Maze from the book Feckless published by TreasureLine Books.

 Here is Boyer/LaCroix's  version:

An email from David Boyer:
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Boyer's Magazine:

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More on David Boyer of Vincennes, Indiana and his Plagiarism

Ferrel "Rick" Moore hears from the Indiana Attorney General.

The following is an excerpt from Mr. Moore's blog:

A Victory Against Plagiarist David Boyer of Vincennes, Indiana

The Attorney General's Office for the State of Indiana has written me that since they cannot mediate the matter with Boyer (who couldn't see that one coming), that they now need "... evidence of a pattern of deceptive conduct in order to sue under the consumer protection statues we enforce."

Fortunately, B Thoughtful compiled a massive pile of evidence proving conclusively Boyer's pattern of plagiary against innocent authors!

So now we are contacting Boyer's victims and packaging up the evidence for all the people we've found that he plagiarized and will be presenting it to the AG of Indiana.

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