Monday, April 2, 2012

Is Boyer stealing from H. H. Morris (1937-2008)?

Post Summary:
  • How could David Boyer get written permission from an author to publish his story in Lost Souls Magazine if the author passed away almost 3 years prior to the magazine's creation?
  • David Boyer plagiarized Homer Howard Morris' story Goddess River Is Not Pleased for his screenplay The River Goddess?
  • Boyer, under an alias, seeks funding on Indiegogo for a screenplay containing plagiarism?

David Boyer's Lost Souls Magazine published it's first issue in 2011 and published Homer Harold Morris' story Goddess River Is Not Pleased in 2011, years after Morris' death.

Excerpt from Homer Harold Morris' Goddess River Is Not Pleased:
(hit control F, then search from the story by title or author)

Excerpt from Boyer's The River Goddess:
(Published in From Fiction to Film in 2011)

Boyer's version for sale on Lulu:


Boyer, under an alias, is seeking funding on Indiegogo for his film project which contains plagiarism of Morris' short story:


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Well done, B! This is a case where you really may have just saved some innocent victim from losing money.

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