David Boyer is a serial plagiarist.

Photos provided to distinguish the plagiarist Boyer from the other Boyers who share the same name.

Boyer has over 70 victims.

They range from best selling authors to fan fiction authors.

Boyer uses aliases.

Never disclosing his true idenity.

Boyer has been plagiarizing since 2003.

He's spent almost a decade deceiving people.

When caught, he denies and lies.

You need to look at the evidence and decide the truth for yourself.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boyer Continues to Plagiarize - now under same alias used for funding campaign on Indiegogo

Post Summary:
  • Boyer, as Killian, plagiarizes another story from the anthology The Living Dead, edited by John Joseph Adams.
  • Boyer lies and denies he is "Sean Killian."
  • Boyer finally claims "Sean Killian" after issue at Indiegogo.

Darrell Schweitzer - The Dead Kid
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"Sean Killian" - Summer Ghosts
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Note: On the home page it is stated this excerpt if from his new book The Guff.

 Note: Jeani Rector and Lisa Morton found the first connection between the two stories.
Support and celebrate real authors by treating yourself to a few books from Jeani and Lisa.


Boyer denies he is "Sean Killian."
Boyer's denial in August 2011
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Boyer's denial in February 2012
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Boyer now claims "Sean Killian" as his alter ego.
Boyer's site as captured on March 19th
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Indiegogo correspondence from March 21st
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Boyer's site as it appears on March 28th
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MySpace Tracker

Monday, March 19, 2012

David Boyer wants your money!

However, he is pretending to be someone else in order to loosen your purse strings.

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(The above screen capture is provided for the purpose of news and criticism.)

Boyer is using his old alias "Sean Killian" for fundraising.

Please see for yourself:
If these sites go down, I have full copies with all the links.



Boyer finally claims his alias "Sean Killian" after issue on Indiegogo:

(Boyer is already working to cover up any connections to his new alias "Darren Oberhaus" and his alias "Sean Killian.")

For those wondering about Judy Cerda:
She knows about Boyer's use of multiple aliases and acts of plagiarism.
(She was contacted via email back in mid 2011.)

(The following screen captures are provided for the purpose of news and criticism.)



Since I was called a liar, I felt it appropiate to respond. 
  • Judy Cerda leaves a comment.
  • The email in which Judy is informed about Boyer.
  • Judy's reply: "I did read the articles."

  1. It's really unfair and a lie for you to accuse me of knowing about plagiarism involving Dave or anyone. I know nothing of the sort. Just because someone (whom I didn't know) wrote to me accusing Dave of things doesn't mean that it's true and if it is, I have nothing to do with his writing and therefore am not involved. As for aliases, many directors and writers use different names for their film companies. I know one director who has three different names depending on which company he is working for and that doesn't mean he is doing anything illegal. If you have a problem with him, you have no right to make accusations against me. That makes me question your character alot.
  2. Unfortunately, Judy, you were not only notified of the situation, you were also provided with links to the assembled evidence.

    As, for aliases, there are those people who use them to provide different personas, but there also plagiarists such as David Boyer who hide behind them when pirating other people’s works. The difference between these two rationale’s is obvious.


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Links from the above email to Judy:
MySpace Tracker