Dean Koontz Plagiarized

Dean Koontz - Plagiarized

In early 2011 I discovered David Boyer plagiarized The Bad Place by Dean Koontz, and in March I posted the evidence on my blog.  At that time Boyer, as Dylan Cook, was selling his plagiarism on Lulu and Amazon.  Over the years Boyer has used the titles It's In The Blood and Bloodties for his plagiarism of The Bad Place. 
Here are some of the books Boyer sold Koontz's plagiarized story:
  1. Genres
  2. The Flesh, Once Removed
  3. The Blood Taster's Club
  4. City of the Dead
  5. Lucid Nightmares
  6. Jar of Flies (Box of Worms)
  7. 15 Terrors
  8. The Grand Design
  9. Anthology of Unknown Horror (summitted another editor's anthology)
Below are some screen capteures of the evidence, but I still need to resize and organize; however, if you would like to see the evidence in better context, please see my blog posts sorted by relevance:

Does David Boyer have any shame?

What kind of a person dedicates a book filled with plagiarized stories to one of the authors he plagiarized?

Jeani Rector: "dedication was done entirely without my knowledge and most certainly without my approval"
MySpace Tracker

Below you can see that David Boyer claims he wrote every story in this book.

Below the true authors of the plagiarized stories are listed in red.



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