Q. Why did you start this blog?

A. This blog was started to keep postings about Boyer to a minimum on Shocklines.

Q. Why does your blog consist of mainly screen captures?
A. Boyer often denies or manipulates the facts; therefore, this blog provides evidence for people to look at and to decide for themselves what the truth is.

Q. Is it breaking copyright law posting screen captures?
A. These postings are for purposes of criticism, comment, and reporting, all of which are legal under “fair use.”

Q. Why should I believe what you say?
A. Make your own decision based on the provided evidence.

Q. Do you post everything you know?
A. No.

Q. Why are you anonymous?
A. To keep the focus of my investigations strictly on the facts.

Q. Do you earn money from this blog?
A. No.

Q. Do you receive publicity for your books from this blog?
A. No.