10 Beauty of Nature Tourism in Karawang That You Can Visit

You surely know that Karachi is one of the most beautiful places that are owned by the State of Indonesia. Therefore, Karachi became the venue of choice for a vacation to Indonesia people. True, the Karawang Regency is located in the province of West Java, Indonesia. Karawang Regency is a Regency (kabupaten) flanked by Bekasi, Bogor regency, Subang Regency, Purwakarta Regency, Cianjur Regency.

Because Karachi is famous for its beautiful natural attractions, then visit some of the beauty of nature tourism in Karachi following.

The Beauty Of Nature Tourism In Karawang

The Beach Of Tanjung Karawang New
The first is the new Cape coast. The beach is suitable You make as tourist destinations with friends or family. In addition there is also a beachfront variety types of cuisine that accompany your vacation on the beaches of the Cape. This beach becomes the destination of tourists who never missed because it has a very beautiful view.

The Beach Of Tanjung Karawang Fern
Name that is not much different from the beginning, this beach also never deserted visitors. Most visitors choose to bathe on the beach. Here you can rent a ban for playing with water content.

Curug Bandung Karawang
This is the most famous waterfall in the area of Karachi. It has a beautiful waterfall because there are 7 exotic water and fruit is a natural wonder. 7 the waterfall flow in one stream of the River, starting from the Curug Peuteuy, Curug Picung, Curug and Bandung.

Lake Cipule
Formerly the Lake was the site of Karawang Cipule for the mining of sand and now this Lake became a bustling tourist area of Karachi. The extent of this Lake adds to the beauty of its own. In addition, the Lake was once a place of Asean Junior rowing regatta in 2006.

New ocean beaches
The waves are not too big in the new ocean beaches make this beach as a place of vacation that is safe for families. The place is amazing and beautiful it makes you and the kids are also comfortable playing here.

Curug Cigentis
In addition there is also the Bandung Curug Curug Cigendis which has an elevation of approximately 25 meters. Curug Cigendis is also one of the waterfall of to 7 levels existing at Mt. curug Loji.

The Temple Of The Soul Of Falkirk
One of the historical heritage which is in Falkirk is a temple of the soul. This temple is a complex of remains of ancient Buddha enshrinement sits on Batujaya subdistrict and Pakisjaya.

Lake Kalimati Karawang
If seen from its name, it is a bit spooky. But when you’re in the area, spooky impression will disappear by itself. Despite its name, the Kalimati views presented and very beautiful eyes.

There Kamojing Karachi
This place is the resapan of water that became one of the tourist destinations in the area of florist Karawang that is unique and is obliged to visit. When the kemarai arrived, it became land for planting rice. Here there are many restaurants with a modern classic style make this place more beautiful shades.

Monument To Swamp Gede Karawang
Monument to the history of the swamp Gede is one place You must visit the when to Karachi. This is where You introduce the history with the history of his struggle. Here too there are 200 people’s tombs are willing to die for the sake of maintaining the independence of Indonesia.

That’s the beauty of nature tourism in 10th Karachi which you can try to visit.

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