10 Place The Hapless Tourist Must-See

What is thought by you when you hear the word Wretched? Cool? Correct. Malang sits in a mountainous area, thus making the air is relatively cool, making it one of the most favorite tourist destination in East Java. Apples? Correct. This fruit has become an icon of the County. Apple could easily you meet here, ranging from private yard belonging to the locals, to large estates and agro-tourism.

What’s more interesting than the Poor? So not recognize Poor only from cool and apelnya, the following summary of 10 attractions in Malang that pity if passed:

1. Jatim Park I
Jawa Timur Park I or better known as Jatim Park I this is an Unfortunate tourist attractions that are a favorite of many local and out of town visitors. With the concept of educational and recreational park, Jatim Park I offer dozens of rides ready to entertain you and your family. That became the hallmark of these sights are of course the swimming pool against the backdrop of the relief face Ken Arok. The swimming pool can be used by adults and children in accordance with the depth that has been adjusted. In addition, the pool is also equipped with various boards of waterslides.
For educational rides, there’s Science Stadium which is indoor and outdoor laboratory that contains information and demonstration ranging from physics, biology, chemistry to mathematics. The spacecraft is powered by PLN, Telkom and some universities in East Java. There’s also the Papua and East Java Ethnic Gallery that features a collection of miniature Custom House East Java and Papua, as well as many other handicrafts.
Still lacking? Quiet, attractions in this poor still have an awful lot of other rides such as Flying Tornado, Mini Jet, karts, Spinning Coaster, Midi Skater, Drop Zone and 3D Cinema. Other supporting facilities is the cafeteria, Mosque, gazebo and much more.
Tourist attractions with an area of 11 hectares is located in the rocks or around 20 km from the Centre of the city of Malang. Open daily from 08:00 to 14:00. To enter, You are charged at 55,000 Rupiah on Monday – Thursday, and 75,000 Dollars on the Friday-Sunday.

2. Jatim Park II
If Jatim Park I offers an integrated tourism spot for recreation and education, Jatim Park II has the concept of nature tourism. Jatim Park II which was in the path of Oro-oro Ombo Batu, offers two main tourist zone that is the Secret of the stone Zoo and Wildlife Museum.
In the Museum of Wildlife, you can see animals from various continents who preserved and placed in a location that made sound as possible with its natural habitat. You do not need to worry, the animals are preserved in this game, but it is not a result of animals that have died naturally and then preserved. There is also a replica of the skeleton of a giant dinosaur that became one of the favorite tourist photo object. In addition, you can also see various types of insects are preserved at the insectarium, ranging from beetles, grasshoppers, spiders to butterflies of various colors.
Satisfied seeing animals that have been preserved, it’s time saw the animals still alive in Secret Stone Zoo. This Zoo is the only zoo-plan in Indonesia. There are many places that you can you can explore Aquarium, ranging from Tiger Land, swimming hippos to pasture. There is also an artificial flow of the river which you can explore by boat that has been provided.
If not satisfied exploring attractions in this poor in a day, you can stay at the Hotel Tree Inn which is the official residence in East Java Park II. The hotel has a very unique concept, the building is made to resemble a giant tree trunk and surrounded by mountains.
Interested in visiting Jatim Park II? Prepare the entrance ticket money of 60,000 Rupiah on Monday – Thursday and 75,000 Dollars for Friday-Sunday, then you might enjoy this all-you-can-eat tourist attractions.

3. Eco Green Park
The attractions of this very Poor right visited with the children to introduce them to the importance of maintaining the balance of the environment. Eco Green Park offers educational theme park that contains a mini zoo and information regarding the maintenance of the environment.
Enter the area of this tour, you will be greeted by a huge elephant statue made of former television. It has many attractions rides spread out, to get around you can hire E-Bike with a price of 100,000 Rupiah for 3 hours.
Jungle Adventure is one of the interesting rides. You will get around the artificial forest by using an open train. Just casually? Quiet. Not just driving around, you are also invited to capture the hunters of wild animals in the forest. With guns toys, You have to shoot any Hunter that you see. Speed shoot sharp looking and badly needed here because you have to shoot from train running. Hmm, fun huh?
Upside-down House is not less interesting. The House upside down with the roof down and the floor above. Not only upside down in the deep, but all the furniture in it also reversed. You seem to walk on its roof like spiderman because of any piece of furniture ranging from tables, chairs and lamps in position terjungkir. If you pretty Dizzy at home this upside down, immediately go out and look for other rides.
Eco Green Park still has many other rides such as Geology Science Center, Walking Bird, Animal Farm, Duck Kingdom, World Parrots, Multimedia Dome, Eco Science Center, bird market and Insectarium. Ssstt, here you can also listen to music produced by water in the vehicle of Music Plaza.
To get to the attractions in this poor, you need only pay a 40,000 Rupiah on Monday-Thursday and 60,000 Dollars for Friday-Sunday.

4. Transport Museum
Who says the museum is a place that boring? At the Museum of Transport, you can get information about the history and development of transportation in the world in a way that is fun. In place of this tour, there are many collection types of transportation ranging from bicycles, horse cart, electric cars to formula one racing cars.
There are 10 zone you can explore the sights in the area of 3.7 acres, among other Educational Zone, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Las Vegas, Germany, Japan, Hollywood, Gangsta & Broadway and of course the Batavia. Each zone is made as possible to the original, from the streets to the landmark specifically. This makes these zones became the favorite place to photograph. Satisfied around, don’t forget to enjoy culinary in a Buoyant Market serves a variety of delicious dishes.
To enjoy the sights in this Poor, you need to pay in the amount of 50,000 Dollars for Monday – Thursday, and 75,000 Dollars on the Friday-Sunday.

5. Batu Night Spectacular
Sightseeing in daylight too ordinary for you? Please try coming to Batu Night Spectacular or commonly abbreviated with BNS. This poor tourist attractions open from 15:00 to 24:00. Here, you are like a return to childhood because the atmosphere is similar to the night market especially with the presence of the carousel with handcrafted horses that you can climb.
Want more interesting? Approach to the water fountain that can dance and change color according to the music that is being dialunkan. Lantern Garden is not less interesting. Here, you can see the lanterns with different colors and forms a very pretty background for your photos. Some rides may not be missed among other haunted house, Baby Wheel, Mouse Coaster, Art Trick, Gravitron and Avatar.

6. The island Sempu
Sempu island is referred to as one of the world’s paradise. The island is located about 75 km from the city centre this poor have extraordinary beauty. These natural attractions is the area of the nature reserve which was owned directly by the City Government. The vegetation here is quite diverse ranging from coastal forests, tropical forests to mangrove forests. Just that alone owned the island Sempu? Wait for it. The most interesting here are the Puppies Segara is a lake in the middle of the island with an area of 4 hectares.
The child was immediately became the main attraction of attractions in this poor. The water of the Lake is derived from the South Sea waves enter through the hole of the cliffs on the side of the Lake. The water in the Lake is cold and very clear until you can see the base of the Lake with ease. Here, you are free swimming, fishing or playing on the white sand ramps.
To go to the island, it was not easy. You must first speed boat ride from shore Sendang Biru. Do not forget to save the phone number of the owner of the fishing boat to be picked up again when you will be home. So get off the boat, your journey is still not finished. You have to be quite long trekking through the Woods conservation. Fatigue will be paid off in full when you see the beauty of the child who is still a very Full experience. The island is uninhabited, so if you want to stay, the only way is by camping.

7. Balekambang Beach 
It has a temple on top of the coral islands just as Bali Tanah Lot. The difference, the temple is smaller here and was deliberately built in 1985 by the unfortunate Regent following the design of the Tanah Lot Temple. Following attractions in Bali does not mean it is not interesting. The temple is associated with a concrete bridge along 100 metres looks pretty especially at dusk.
Not only the Temple became the fascination of this poor attractions. Baleambang own beach is not less beautiful. Sand and small waves became interesting scenery. You can swim or simply play the water here. If do not want wet, You can relax on the verandah, eating food or culinary hunt souvenirs in shops around the beach.

8. Wendit Water Park
Wendit Water Park was originally known as the garden of Wendit Baths. Tourist attractions located in the subdistrict of Ferns offers two kinds of baths, namely the quietness of natural and artificial swimming pools.
Natural lake has a depth of 2 meters and the water temperature between 18-25 degrees Celsius. According to local belief, the water in this Lake can make the Ageless and longevity, loh. In addition to this, there is also a mini swimming pools which commonly referred to with the water park. Water park is relatively more attractive especially for kids as there are various boards of the water slide and a giant spill bucket that hangs in the middle of the pond.
Besides the baths, second sights in florist Malang also has a man-made lake which can be surrounded with the use of boats and water bikes. There is also a pool for fishing also rides like worm coaster and flying fox.

9. Rainbow Coban
Whether the Rainbow occurs only after rain? It didn’t. Come to the Rainbow of Coban in Stack or about 132 km from the Centre of the city of Malang. If your lucky, you can see the Rainbow between the flow of the falls as high as 30 meters. While waiting for the appearance of the Rainbow, you can play the water at the edge of a waterfall, enjoy culinary in stalls or sit on the verandah. Attractions in this poor altitude 1,299 m above sea level, so the air is very cool and comfortable to relax in.
To reach the site, you must pass through the pine forests, rolling hills and crossed the river. Though impressed exhausting and long, but the beautiful scenery around during the trip will make the time feels short.

10. the Dinoyo Ceramic Handicraft
Gift shop in the form of snacks already okay? Please try coming to MT Haryono Road XI, you can find unique ceramic-ceramic for the gift shop. Along this road, there are at least 30 craft shops selling various types of ceramics ranging from mugs, vases, plates, vases, ashtrays and table decoration to the walls. Typical of this is the Dinoyo ceramic motifs of flora and fauna. In addition to buying as a gift shop, You can also order in large quantities for a souvenir wedding or other events.

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