10 recommendations for tourist attractions in Bogor must-see

From Jakarta, Bogor is indeed very strategic location so it is not strange if at the weekend many of the citizens of Jakarta and its surrounding areas are choosing to vacation and tiredness with a way to visit various tourist spots in Bogor. Bogor has many natural attractions that are still beautiful and natural.

There are countless attractions in Bogor that you must visit. Good nature tourism, culinary tourism, as well as educational tours, all on Bogor! Curious what are the recommendations for tourist attractions in Bogor is most okay? Following his review!


1. Bogor botanical gardens

A visit to the botanical gardens of Bogor Bogor icon which is can be used as an alternative to holiday fun and frugal. Well, instead of just sitting around relaxing or just driving around the streets, here you can also invite the little one for studying and observing the plants. This is possible because until now there’s been more than 15 thousand species of trees and plants that live in the Bogor botanical gardens.

Known as the oldest botanical gardens in Asia, Bogor Botanical Gardens has been developed since the colonial era. However, if the garden was initially only contains various types of plants, there are also other attractions are not less beautiful. In the area of the back gardens, for example. There is a beautiful Lake, the Istana Bogor, the suspension bridge is red, and the Zoological Museum that is located adjacent to the botanical gardens of Bogor. Oh yes, if there is more time, don’t forget the culinary dishes, Yes!


2. Kampung Sindang Cultural Goods

Never mentioned in the Chronicle of Padjajaran and pantun typical Bogor, Sindang Goods became one of the cultural and historical tourism alternative that is worth Your visit. Allegedly, this location has even been dating back to the 12th century!

Historically, Sindang Stuff is the location of the place of residence (Palace), one of the wives of Prabu Siliwangi. There, you will find many original house building, stage performances featuring native arts of Sunda, traditional dance, until a picture of how the conditions of the kasepuhan Sunda in ancient times.


3. Garden Tours Mekarsari

If the Bogor botanical gardens are botanical gardens most widespread in Indonesia, children’s Tours is the largest fruit garden Mekarsari in Indonesia. At least, there are some plant varieties 1,470 fruit and 100 thousand trees on top of land 264 hectares.

Enjoy the thrill of picking and mencicip fruit directly from the tree in the Garden Tour Mekarsari. Be advised, tourist places in Bogor this one is indeed the concept of recreation, education, reforestation, and conservation. In addition to tasting the fruit directly from the tree, you can get around by train to see the collection of fruits, the outbound vehicle ride, or enjoy the excitement of game family camp Pack, banana boat, water, a Swan to a floating donut!


4. Defenders of the Homeland Museum (map)

Not only has the natural beauty of Java, Bogor has also been involved in the historical record of Indonesia’s independence struggle. One of them, subject to the formation of the voluntary Army defenders of the homeland, or that we know as the map.

Although it was founded with the intention of helping Japan beat allies, on a map-lah, forerunner of the Indonesia army began to form. Well, all these struggles ultimately perpetuated through the establishment of a Museum of the defenders of the homeland.

In tourist spots in Bogor on this one, you will be presented a lot of the story of the struggle of the map, in fact there are also historic heritage artifacts. This place is very useful for menumbuhkembangkan community Indonesia nationalism, especially the younger generation.


5. Situ Gede

For the local community, Situ Gede is usually used for fishing, boating, or just go for a walk, and work out in the afternoon. However, it doesn’t hurt when you come and join the refreshing thoughts in tourist spots in Bogor on this one.

Located on the edge of the forest is a forest Dramaga Research Department of Forestry of INDONESIA, a Lake covering an area of six hectares is surrounded by a variety of plants that shade. On the other hand, very fun if you take yourself to enjoy the beauty of the Lake with menyusurinya using the boat. Done while fishing with the people closest to you, of course the experience of visiting the Situ Gede became more fun and memorable.


6. Mount measured radiant

At least there is a wide range of tourist sites which you can enjoy while visiting the mountain measured radiant. Attractions in Bogor are often used for camping, hiking, jogging, and horseback riding is indeed suitable for those who crave for nature tourism, yet don’t want to much of the capital.

In the area of Mount measured radiant, you can see the panorama of the natural protected forest full of pine trees, plus a number of animals living freely in the region. Not far from there, there are also Hot Springs Mountain measured radiant that water comes from natural springs.


7. Jungle Land Adventure Theme Park & Sentul Paradise Park

Although Jungle Land Adventure Theme Park is still classified, the existence of new attractions in Bogor, this one is not less interesting than other tourist attractions, lho. Have an area of about 35 hectares, you will be presented about 30 types of rides and a variety of interesting attractions. Moreover, the total was indeed designed in a unique concept as well as welcoming to diverse segments of the age florist Bogor. In addition to the thrilling rides, Jungle Land also provides many cafes and restaurants that have lots of delicious culinary menu.

You want natural attractions? Quiet, as it is located relatively far from the area of Sentul Paradise Park, you can simultaneously enjoy a 75-metre elevation waterfalls which are often called by the name of Angel Falls. This waterfall is sourced from springs in the protected forest of the mountain measured radiant. An interesting one, though naturally, the waterfall is designed in such a way that the limpahannya similar to the pool.


8. The Rock of Jonggol

You belong to the novice climber? Or, you enjoy a hike but haven’t had time to touch the highest mountain in Indonesia?

Don’t worry about it. Whatever his background, the rock of Jonggol could be alternative attractions in Bogor to channel Your longing on the mount and the height.

If the height of the talk, this mountain is indeed more akin to the Hill rather than on other mountains in West Java, such as mount Gede or mount Salak. However, do not v its beauty. Moreover, you don’t need the extra energy for the menakhlukannya.


9. Deer Breeding Cariu

His original name was Captive Deer Tour Wana Giri Jaya. However, locals call it with the deer Breeding Cariu, because it is located in Cariu, Bogor.

In an area of five hectares, there are various kinds of deer, such as Java and Bawean Deer Deer. Interestingly, you can interact directly with them, for example feeding with sweet, grass, or carrots. Supported with a wonderful view and refresh the eyes, don’t be surprised if this location could be an alternative attractions in Bogor you as a weekend.


10. Hot Springs Tirta Sanita

Located in the region of Ciseeng, don’t be surprised if many people thus know her by the name Ciseeng thermal baths. As the name implies, you can soak the hot water sulfur to unwind and maintain health. In addition, thermal baths Ciseeng also provides a diverse range of rides, lodging, outbound to culinary stalls to pamper Your taste buds and stomach.

Well, that’s the 10 tourist attractions in Bogor who recommended AnekaTempatWisata.com. Which attractions you want to visit? Share yuk!

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