10 tourist attractions in Banjarmasin must-see

What do you think of when hearing the word Banjarmasin? If the answer is the floating markets, then you are not wrong. During this traditional market known as Bacolod is on top of the water. Fair enough, the city has the nickname ‘ city of a thousand Rivers ‘ is crossed by many small and large rivers such as the river Barito and Martapura Rivers. It makes the River as one of the most important part for the life of the citizens of Banjarmasin.

Whether Banjarmasin just about the river and floating market? Of course not. The city has many interesting attractions to visit. This is her summary of 10 attractions in Banjarmasin can you see before a visit to the provincial capital of South Kalimantan:

1. Floating market
If it feels incomplete discusses Banjarmasin without the floating market. This market has become the hallmark of the city of Banjarmasin. This floating market is the process of buying and selling is done on a boat that floats. Currently, the floating market has been one of the attractions of Bali most visited by tourists.

One of the popular floating market is existing at the mouth of the Barito River in Kelurahan Kuin, North, Banjarmasin. This market is estimated to have been around for 400 years ago. Any goods sold ranged from the gardens, food to clothes. To be able to watch the activity in this market, you have to come in the morning because this market only last from hours of 05:00 to 07:00.

First, the case here is barter or exchange of goods each other without the use of money. Although it is now using the money as a means of Exchange, but there are some who still do barter goods. Of interest in this floating market is the existence of sticks with the tip of the wire to retrieve purchased items because of the difficulty of transporting the boat rides.

2. Garden River Siring Martapura
One more place of interest in Banjarmasin that rely on the river is a river of Martapura Siring Garden are on the road and Jalan Sudirman Captain Tendean. The Park is situated on the river Martapura and crowded time of the afternoon. From here, you can see the typical boat jukung or activities of Banjarmasin on the river.

Please bring tools fishing rod and fill your fishing hobby at these sights. If you want to enjoy the scenery around the River, you can sit on the bench who have provided while enjoying a culinary from stalls lining the grounds.

On Sunday, Park River Siring Martapura getting crowded by the existence of a community of young people who are practicing the skateboarding and BMX. Often it is also the location of the race was made by them.

3. Children’s Mascot
True to its name, these sights feature two mascots of the town of Banjarmasin i.e. proboscis monkey and kasturi. The entrance gate, you will be welcomed to a human-sized adult proboscis monkey statue. Not far behind him, there was a sculpture of a tree with monkeys – kasturi hanging monkey.

To the right of the entrance, there is a House plant that contains a lot of cacti, Aloe Vera and several other types of plants in a pot. For facilities, children’s Mascot has been equipped with parking lots, a prayer hall, toilet, garden benches, food stalls and a children playground.

These sights are at the center of the city of Banjarmasin, exactly in the way h. Djok Mentaya.

4. Museum of the Wasaka
Wasaka Museum stands for Steel To Kaputing which is the motto of the struggle of the people of South Kalimantan. This historical attractions located on h. Andir, Kampung Ulu Recalled, Banjarmasin. The architecture of the building is traditional House of Banjarmasin-shaped stage with a high roof.

In it, there is a wide collection of photographs, typewriters, uniforms of the struggle, and the weapon used against invaders such as Kris and firearms belonging to the Netherlands which successfully deprived. In addition, there is an old bike that was used to deliver mail in sembunti-hide.

Of particular interest is the existence of the text of the proclamation made on May 17, 1949. Text content is different from the text of the proclamation of the little-known people of Indonesia. This is because according to the agreement, Borneo Linggarjati not contained within the territory of the unitary State of Republic Indonesia (SO). Nevertheless, the people of Kalimantan continued struggling to be part of the SO and managed to declare its independence four years after the text of the proclamation read out the Bung Karno Stadium florist Banjarmasin.

Wasaka Museum is open every day except Mondays and national holidays, from 08:30 to 12:30. You do not incur a charge to go into here.

5. Flower Island
Hibiscus island is an island in the middle of the Barito River. These sights into the habitat of monkeys and several species of birds. According to the island’s citizens, there is a large monkey was King of monkeys.

While on the island, be careful with Your stuff. The monkeys are often curious and want to see what you bring. We recommend that you bring snacks or fruits to distract them from your bag.

Interestingly, in this island there is a temple and altar with a statue of a monkey-shaped white or Hanuman. This altar, by Chinese citizens, used to lay offerings on certain occasions.

This tourist spot is about 1.5 km from the Centre of the city of Banjarmasin. To be able to see the activities of these monkeys up close, you have to pay in the amount of 5,000 Dollars for domestic tourists and 25,000 Rupiah to foreign tourists.

6. Masjid Sultan Suriansyah, bearing a
The mosque is also known as the mosque Kuin because its hilltop location in Kelurahan Kuin Utara. It was built between the years 1526 – 1550, the mosque is the oldest mosque of d into Banjarmasin.

Like other typical building of Banjarmasin, the mosque of Sultan Suriansyah, bearing home-shaped stage with carvings typical of South Kalimantan and roof stack. Some parts of the mosque looks similar to Masjid Agung Demak especially at the roof and cascading pursed up. This is possible because the relationship of the two sultanates in ancient times.

The unique of this mosque is a mihrab or prayer the priest places has its own roof, separate from the roof of the main building.

7. Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque
Sabilal Muhtadin mosque known as the largest mosque in Banjarmasin. The mosque with five towers holds jamaah 15,000 people as much.

The name is taken from the name of the book which are written by Sheikh Muhammad Arsyad Al Banjary who was a great scholar in South Kalimantan. The mosque was built in 1981, it became one of the many religious tourist attractions visited by tourists both from within and from outside the city.

Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque is situated on the West Bank of the river Martapura, precisely in the village of great Antasan, Banjarmasin.

8. Diamond Market Martapura
The diamond market is located at Jalan Ahmad Yani, Martapura, or about 45 km from the Centre of the city of Banjarmasin. This market into a tourist spot is right for fans of gemstones. Martapura is known as the city with the largest gemstone mine results in Indonesia. Gemstone here have good quality.

In this market, there are about 87 store gemstones. Other than buy it in the form of rocks, you can also buy precious stones have been processed into a variety of forms such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches as well. this market visitors not just domestic travelers, many travelers from Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore who come here.

9. The culinary center of the Riverbanks Martapura
If you want to enjoy the culinary specialties of Banjarmasin in one place, you can come to the center of the culinary Banjarmasin Post that are on the road that links between Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Hasanudin.

On the road along the 300 meter high, there are about 52 food stalls that sell a variety of culinary specialties of Banjarmasin as laksa, nasi kuning, soto Banjar and lupis. In addition, there are national dishes as fried rice and also the culinary from other regions such as Padang and Palembang.

10. Kampung Sasirangan
If there is Trusmi in Cirebon Batik as a Center gift shop, here is no such thing as Kampung Sasirangan. Here, you can find the sasirangan which is a batik batik Banjarmasin. This shopping attractions there are in the street opposite the Mosque, Kampung Melayu.

In addition to buying, you also can see the manufacturing process here. Batik sasirangan is characterized by brightly colored. You can buy that still shape the fabric or ready-made clothing, scarves, bed linen and tablecloths. There are also various accessories made of batik fabric ranging from bags, purses to a handkerchief.

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