10 Tourist Attractions in Cirebon Must-See

Cirebon is a locality in West Java province and lies on the North coast of Java, or better known as pantura (pantai utara). Because of its geographical location, Cirebon became one of the main routes connecting the city of Jakarta – Semarang – Surabaya.
During this time many well known as Cirebon batik craft. Cirebon became one of the largest producers of batik in Java. But it is not just a matter of Cirebon batik motifs that becomes clear with a mega flagship. This area also has great tourism potential. The following 10 attractions in Cirebon are dear to miss:

1. Wanawisata Ciwaringin
These sights are located in the village of Ciwaringin. Here, you can walk enjoying the view wanawisata. Like most green district in another town, here you can also find shady trees mainly eucalyptus trees. Quite unique, huh?
Wanawisata Ciwaringin crowded on Sundays. If you like fishing, there is Lake Ciranca to satisfy your hobby. Bring home fresh fish fishing result alone would certainly be fun. In addition, there is the arena of motor cross that at any given moment is used to match racing.

2. Tourist village Cikalahang
In this tourist village, hobby fishing and culinary tour you will be fulfilled. Cikalahang is a tourist place in Cirebon to which it was a family favorite. There are many restaurants with a menu of grilled fish special. Not only that, you can also own fishing fish in pools that have been provided so that the fish are guaranteed still fresh when cooked. Cikalahang tourist village situated in district Dukupuntang.

3. Thence Sedong
There is an artificial reservoir Sedong while attractions in Cirebon, precisely in Sedong. The place is visited the family on the weekend. In addition to seeing the sights, there are also games that you can use to relax with the family like a duck to water. Duck water can be used to surround Sedong There.
The best time to come to There Sedong is in the afternoon because the weather was not too hot, so you can enjoy these sights with a more comfortable.

4. Garden Ade Irma Syriac Nasution
Ade Irma Park Syriac is the largest recreational park Nasution that there is in this city. Initially, the Park was named the Garden of Cirebon Traffic and become tourist attractions in Cirebon are most visited. In 1966, the Park was renamed garden of Ade Irma Nasution.
These sights fit once visited with family. Here, there is a playground and a mini zoo. Due to its location adjacent to the port of Cirebon, you too can enjoy the beauty of the beach. In addition, there is live music and art that is regularly held every Sundays and public holidays on a stage that has been provided.

5. the Kasepuhan
Kraton Kasepuhan is first in the Sultanate of Cirebon was built by Prince Mas Mochammad Arifin II in the year 1529. Aside from being the oldest palaces in Cirebon, Kraton is also be the grandest and most well preserved in this city. The Palace is surrounded by a red brick wall. While the main building is white that the throne of the sultan and sleeping.
The building is now a historical heritage attractions in Cirebon are becoming a favorite destination of visitors from out of town. Here, you can see the objects belonging to the sultan of inheritance in the past and also a Lion that is only issued every 1st of Shawwāl () to be washed.

6. The Keraton Kanoman
Keraton Kanoman is only about 600 meters of the Kasepuhan. The Palace was built by Sultan Badaruddin in 1588 because of quarrels about who the heir to the Royal Palace. Of Kraton Kasepuhan, Kanoman you’ll pass through traditional market selling a range of souvenirs typical of Cirebon so could make it easier for you to buy.
Here you can enter the museum contained many historic relics objects such as antique plates from Europe which is the collection of the sultan. In addition, the Palace is still the residence of the 12th descendant of Raja Muhammad Emiruddin Sultanate and his family.

7. The great mosque of The Copyright Sense
The great mosque of The Copyright Sense collectively, the great mosque of Kasepuhan due to its location adjacent to the Kasepuhan. The mosque has become one of the tourist attractions in Cirebon. In the courtyard of the mosque there is a source that called has the same source with the well of zam-zam in Mecca. Water from the wells is also believed to cure various diseases if drunk and used to wash the face.
Unique from the great mosque of The Copyright Sense is an entrance that is made is not high so everyone who entered had to merundukkan her body. It is as a mark of respect and courtesy when entry to religious houses.

8. Taman Sari Sunyaragi Cave
These sights are located in the village Sunyaragi, Schleichera. The name of the Park comes from two Sanskrit words, namely ‘ sunya ‘ meaning empty and ‘ yeast ‘ meaning body. This first location was indeed used by the King and his family as a place to find serenity.
There are two main buildings namely building and cave. Inside the building there are some rooms like the bedroom and dressing room. Of particular interest is the cave from the outside the building looks like a temple. The Interior resembles a cave because there are a lot of similar labyrinth of alleys and shaped. In addition to the shadowy trees to rest, around tourist attractions there are many small saung selling food and souvenirs typical of Cirebon.

9. Hot Banyu Palimanan stone
Banyu Heat Palimanan stone is one of the attractions in Cirebon are visited every day, especially during the weekend. Garden bath is located in the village of West Palimanan stone, Palimanan stone, Cirebon. From the center of the city of Cirebon, these sights can be reached within 25-30 minutes.
Water in Garden this spring is a natural hot springs containing sulfur and is believed to be able to cure various diseases of the skin. Around the site there are many bath gazebo to rest.

10. the Kampong of Batik Trusmi
Gift shopping activities typical of a region difficult separated from tourism activities. If you want to shop for batik Cirebon as gift shop, you can come to Kampong of Batik Trusmi in district of Plered, florist Cirebon. There are a variety of typical motifs of batik that you can buy in retail or wholesale. The price offered here is more affordable than if it had to buy batik in another shopping center or mall.

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