10 Tourist Attractions in Denpasar Bali an Interesting and Famous

Bali tourist info this time will share about the variety of attractions in Denpasar and famous. Attractions in Denpasar includes several important historical and cultural sites, such as Pura Sakenan, Serangan island and in the Temple of Jagatnatha. Denpasar tour offers a blend of hospitality and rustic touches that make it a unique place to visit on your holidays in Bali.
Denpasar is one of the attractions of Bali are interesting to visit. In the middle of Denpasar, you will find a rather lively tourist activity, but if you travel to the outer suburbs there are a more natural vibrations and comfortable areas for viewing, such as mangrove forests in the South of Denpasar and the village of Kertalangu Culture in the Northeast.
Well, to help you to be holidays to Denpasar city Bali and surrounding areas, a variety of Tours has prepared a list of sights of Denpasar cool to visit. Roughly what Yes sights Denpasar must-see? Yuk, refer to 10 attractions in Denpasar Bali an interesting and well known here.

List Of Attractions In Bali And Famous

1. Museum Bali Denpasar
Museum Bali Denpasar, in Denpasar tourist attractions is the first must-see. Museum Bali Denpasar also called with the name of the State museum of Bali Denpasar, meaning that the museum is managed by the provincial Government of the province of Bali. Museum Bali Denpasar, save an awful lot of knowledge relating to human civilization from time to time, especially in the Balinese people.
Museum Bali in Denpasar, in contrast to the existing museum in Ubud tourist attractions. In this museum, you can see the historical value of the art collection of the culture of Bali. Museum Bali Denpasar also includes tourist attractions in Bali which is famous to do a pre wedding photo session.
The museum’s collections in Bali this one consists of a collection of etnografika such as the equipment used when the days pre history, religious ceremonies and customs of the equipment, the development of Balinese art and culture, from time to time. Surely you see the collection of the museum You will be able to compare, the form of Balinese civilization of prehistoric and modern times.
Admission to the museum Bali in Denpasar will cost Rp 5,000/person. To be able to do a pre wedding photos in museum Bali Denpasar, entry ticket costs vary with the cost of admission only to berkujung. To be able to do a pre wedding photos in museum Bali in Denpasar will be charged an additional fee of Rp 150,000.
Museum Bali is located in the Centre of Denpasar, address at Mayor Wisnu Denpasar Bali 80232. The North Bali Denpasar museum, there is a huge Temple which is also one of the attractions in the city of Denpasar, its name is Jagatnatha Temple. The following schedule a visit or Denpasar Bali Museum opening hours:
Sunday-Thursday is open 08.00-15.00 wita
Friday 08.00-12.30:
Saturdays and red dates, Denpasar Bali museum closed.
Location and address: JL. Maj. Wisnu Denpasar Bali 80232
The price of admission: Rp 5,000/person

2. Bajra Sandhi Renon
The atmosphere around the Bajra Sandhi Renon (photo: rentalmobilbali.net)
Sights Bajra Sandhi monument, a monument in the heart of Denpasar, its place is in Renon. The monument was built and dedicated to the struggle of the people of the island of Bali. Many domestic tourists who don’t know will Renon Denpasar.
In fact that many know about Bajra Sandhi Renon is a foreign tourist, such as Korea and China travelers. Bajra Sandhi Renon Denpasar tourist attractions include Bali are cheap and attractive.
If Jakarta had Monas, Bali has a Bajra Sandhi. Equally serves as a monument to the Memorial. Design of architecture of Bajra Sandhi monument is very thick with typical Balinese architecture, many carvings and sculptures.
For travelers Asia such as Japan, China, Korea, the uniqueness of Bajra Sandhi monument look like a Pagoda. Therefore, many Asian tourists this monument is the mengangap Pagoda, like in their country.
Location and address: Jalan Raya Puputan No. 142 East Bali, Denpasar
The price of admission: Rp. 5,000 (WNI) and Rp. 10,000 (FOREIGN NATIONAL)

3. Conservation of turtle and Tortoise on the island of Bali Attack
Serangan island is located in the South of Denpasar, which is connected to the Mainland by a small road. A bridge connects the Island with the Bali attacks and can be skipped if sea water were subsided. Attractions in Denpasar is open to the public and is great for kids who want to see and know about turtles and turtles up close.
Place of conservation is open every day from 09.00 until 17.00 WITA. Various sizes, types, and the origin of turtle and tortoise conservation are available on site. You can also be a photo in there with a turtle or tortoise selection officer. Usually allowed a tortoise or turtle which is still small.
Later, the clerk will give you a tortoise or turtle to be invited alongside photographs of visitors. It must be careful, too. Don’t make a tortoise or turtle stress with repeated images.
Location and address: Jalan Tukad Retainer, attack Island
The price of admission: Rp. 5,000 car parking

4. Shark Tours
You know the shark isn’t it? Dare to swim with the fishes vicious this one? If bold, cobain deh tours in Denpasar this one, swim with the sharks. Don’t worry, here’s kind of sharks finned sharks white are harmless kok. If the fear of swimming with the sharks, you can try another form of tourism activity feed shark.
Among the nautical tourism Manager on the coast of the island of Bali, Attacks since November 2014 to develop package tours swim with sharks for domestic and foreign tourists in an attempt to preserve the rare fauna.
Excursions to swim with a shark with a direct interest of foreign tourists due to its unique and not in other places. To the location of the pond fish only takes five minutes by using a fast ship.
If tourists want to do activities swimming with the sharks the rate of 99 dollars United States (u.s.) with a duration of two hours. As for the domestic tourists are charged at only Rp800 thousands to do the activity of swimming with the sharks.
Currently swim with sharks in the attack became the pre-eminent and most wildlife feeding activity was sought after by children from China. Conservation activities and swimming with the sharks continue to be developed so that it becomes an incredible attraction for foreign tourists.
Location and address: Jalan Tukad Retainer, Serangan Island, South of Denpasar Bali
The price of admission: us $800,000,-(WNI) and USD 99 (FOREIGN NATIONAL)

5. Art Center of Bali (Balinese Culture Park)
Want to watch art performances of Balinese dance for free? Just come to the tourist attractions in Denpasar Bali this one, Art Center of Bali. Of course parties to the arts in Bali in mid year.
Bali Art Center was established to serve as a place of performances and is also home to develop his talent – the talent of art owned by the people of Bali. Denpasar Bali or art center Art Center Art Center of Denpasar, a place home party arts of Bali (Bali art festival) each year.
Bali Art Festival exactly diselanggarakan every year in June and July. For those of you who want to see Bali Art Party (PKB) should come in June and July. Bali Art Festival getting full appreciation of the Government nor the people of Bali in particular, with the number of spectators at each opening of the PKB, and visitors at the Art Center Art Center of Denpasar.
Bali Art party followed by all district in Bali with the parade showcases the art that characterizes each Regency in Bali. Both types of gamelan as well as typical regional clothes of each county that has its own differences. The opening of the Bali Art Festival also received participation from other countries such as Japan, China or Korea country.
Location and address: Jalan Nusa Indah Denpasar Bali
The Price Of Admission:?

6. Museum of paintings Prints Denpasar
Most of us, when you hear the word museum, definitely imagine a place to store his collection of relics of antiquity or collections of prehistoric relics storage, be it in the form of stone, sculptures, paintings or antiques. Another case with Denpasar Fingerprint Painting Museum and the very different museum in Bali.
Museum Paintings Prints Denpasar was built in 1993. The inauguration was done after 2 years, in July 1995. People who have an idea, owner of sights in Denpasar this one is Mr. Gede Ngurah Rai Pemecutan.
You will surely ask why the name of the Museum there said fingerprints? This question also exists on my first time visiting this museum. In fact I hope will see a collection of prints of famous people in the museum. It turns out that my expectations were wrong.
Once learned more, it turns out there is its own philosophy, behind the naming of the museum prints. The Museum is named after museum Prints as it pertains to how to use when painting. His fingertips smeared painter by assorted color paint painting in accordance with pelukisnya of the imagination.
Because the paint using a finger without the use of brushes, surely there is a former fingerprint from the hand of the painter. How to paint this painting called fingerprints.
In the museum of Prints Denpasar, visitors can not only see the painting and poetry, but visitors who want to explore Bali culture Bali dance especially can learn here. This course is held at the museum of art of Balinese dance, painting courses, courses of art music with professional teachers.
Location and address: Jalan Hayam Wuruk No. 175, an Cape Bungkah Denpasar Bali
The Price Of Admission: Free

7. Pura Sakenan
The location of attractions in Denpasar is around 10 km to the South from the city of Denpasar. From Pura Sakenan we can see coastal scenery graceful and beautiful, a row of hills, and nusa dua Beach in the South. Sekanan temple building consists of 2 groups of temples are:
Pura Sakenan pura Sakenan complex, located in the Eastern
Pura Dalem pura Sakenan complex Sakenan, which lies to the West.
Historically, Pura Sakenan built by Mpu Kuturan in the 10th century. He was a priest of Hindu Majapahit Kingdom that came to Bali before the fall of Majapahit Kingdom. This Temple is an ancient building constructed using limestone and coral red.
In the courtyard of the temple there are two large trees and tall, who wore a checkered fabric black and white because the tree is considered as the abode of spirits that guard the temple.
Location and address: JL. Denpasar Bali Attack South Island
The Price Of Admission:?

8. Kertalangu Culture Village
Attractions in Denpasar is located in the middle area of the rice field area of 80 Ha are still very sustainable and green in the middle of Denpasar. Kertalangu cultural village used as land conservation, education, research, recreation and community empowerment.
Kertalangu cultural village also implemented the concept of the culture of Bali tempo dulu i.e. by offering traditional food, traditional snacks and traditional Balinese concoction so as not to become extinct.
Kertalangu cultural village also became a tourist village where you can vacation while fishing, learning to make crafts, horseback riding and a culinary tour. So squeeze yourself relax in Kertalangu Culture Village because it is a suitable place for your family vacation.
Location and address: Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 88 Team of Denpasar. Bali
The Price Of Admission:?

9. Pura Agung Jagatnatha
Bali has a lot of temples (places of worship for adherents of Hinduism), one of the great Jagatnatha Pura which is the largest temple in Denpasar. Pura Agung Jagatnatha located next to the Museum.
In general the building overlooking the Temple Mount Agung. Communities in areas of Bali Hindus believe if there is a mountain peak in the Kingdom of the gods.
Pura Agung Jagatnatha was built as a place of worship to Hyang Widhi Wasa/God as gratitude. The Temple became one of the tourist attractions in Denpasar was established on 13 May 1968.
First established this temple due to the large number of tourists because of the various villages in Bali when they visit Denpasar did not find a place to pray. Pura Agung Jagatnatha, then it is.
Pura Agung Jagatnatha has its own uniqueness compared to other temples on the island of the gods that is not found pengempon (community groups that manage it). Pura Agung Jagatnatha only have a few people who are trusted to manage the flow of incoming funds.
Location and address: Jalan Mayor Wisnu, Dangin Puri Bali, Denpasar
The Price Of Admission:?

10. Mangrove Forest Tour Bali (Balinese Mangrove Tours)
Want to enjoy a unique tour of Denpasar and is different from usual? COBA deh come to tour the Mangroves or Mangrove Forest Tour Bali Bali. Location of mangrove forests in close proximity with Bali Ngurah Rai airport, you only need 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai airport.
Mangrove forest area is identical to the marshes and mud, and then how to get past the mangroves? Of course there will be no visitors who want to menginjakan away in the muddy swamp. Therefore, the provider of the mangrove forest in Bali, with a long wooden bridge provides a bridge to reach 2 km, to search the area of mangrove forests.
In a few places above the bridge, provided a special place for visitors to be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the mangrove forests. If you are willing for the road until arriving at the ends of the wooden bridge, then this is the best view you can see. A view of the highway and the blue sea of the Bay of Benoa is very clearly visible from one end of the bridge of the mangrove forests.
Florist Denpasar Bali, in addition to well known as a place of recreation is also famous as one of the favorite place doing photo prewedding. Not only the local people of Bali who do pre wedding photo in the mangrove forests, the bride from Jakarta and other countries also chose the mangrove forest in Bali for pre wedding photo locations.
Location and address: JL. By Pass Ngurah Rai, km. 21, Denpasar, Bali
The price of admission: Rp 5,000/person and Rp 200,000 for pre wedding

Cool and fun instead of various tourism Denpasar Bali? Not only cultural tours, nature tours there in the city of Denpasar. Oya, for my friend who got a traveler info attractions in Denpasar and other famous can share via comments field, may be useful.

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