10 Tourist attractions in Palangkaraya most natural and beautiful

List of attractions in Palangkaraya most natural and beautiful. Palangkaraya’s city centre is one of the tourist attractions in Central Kalimantan. With a great potential that that makes the Central Kalimantan became the most important figure for forest tourism in Kalimantan and other natural attractions.

When we talk about the Central Kalimantan provincial capital of Palangkaraya, which became a major role also to advance its territory especially in the field of perpariwisataan. Well in this occasion, we will discuss about the names of tourist attractions in Palangkaraya which not many people know.

10 tourist attractions in Palangkaraya is most Beautiful and most popular
1. Lake Tahai
The Lake is a lake formed in the Tahai due to sand excavation activities normally performed by local people. Well, in time, the enlarged and minerals become tourist attractions in the beautiful Lake i.e. Palangkaraya Tahai. The attraction is owned by the Lake the water is the color of the reddish colored. This occurs due to the presence of compounds derived from peat deposited in this Lake. And also influenced by the presence of trees around the Lake.

2. The Beach End Pandaran
Attractions in Palangkaraya it is the most popular beach that belongs to a favorite for visitors because it has a very beautiful natural beauty. The beach End located in K. Pandaran East. This beach is a beach that still belongs to the natural so that reasonable only if we can see a variety of marine life that a lot of this at sea life, that life like sea stars and various funny fish that live on the beach Ujunga Pandaran. Unique belonging to this beach is to have an exotic landscape lined with coconut palms lining as well as a fine white sand beach

3. Custom homes Span
Attractions in Palangkaraya is the next most beautiful traditional house from Palangkaraya i.e. custom homes Landscape. This place presents a wide range of cultural communities earlier dayak tribe who still closely guarded until now. In the Custom House Landscape we can learn about how the culture of the dayak tribe. This home has an elongated shape to the back with a slightly sharp edge of the roof.

4. Captive Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Boss
Attractions in Palangkaraya on this one is a place for the orang utan breeding was a natural forest. Then while visiting this place, we will feel the air is still cool and the variety of the towering trees. Captive Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Boss
is the result of caring Foundation concerned with the existence of the threatened orangutan. Here we will see, learning together, and play together a flock of orang utan. Captivity comes with an attractive gazebo to visit and can be use for educational tours.

5. The Museum Balanga
We are tired after a day visiting the sights in Palangkaraya, there is no harm if we pay a visit to the Museum Balanga to study various cultures unique dayak. Besides in the museum is suitable in use for education and history of the city of Palangkaraya.

6. the Nyaru Menteng Arboretum
Attractions in Palangkaraya it is nature tourism or a captive who belong to the Foundation of the BOSS (the Borneo Orangutan Survival) are close to being at the Lake Tahai. At this place we will see a variety of funny behavior of orang utan in its cage. Besides orangutans, visitors will be invited to tracking into the Woods awake preserved that still are in place.

7. Bukit Raya National Park
The National Park of Bukit Raya garden is used as a means to menyesapkan the water. If one of us is nothing like the animal world, this National Park is the best choice if visiting the Palangkaraya. Here we can find different types of endemic as a monkey, baung adung, seluang, fish and many other animals collection. So it’s no wonder jikaTaman Hill National Kingdom was made one of the most popular attractions in Palangkaraya to visit.

8. Cafe Tjilik Riwut
Cafe which is one of the figures of warriors and national hero Tjilik Riwut is named. Attractions in Palangkaraya it we can make it as the main purpose if the hunger strike. In this unique cafe we can enjoy a variety of traditional specialties from Palangkaraya olehan low prices, of course. Although the price is cheap, the place of culinary tourism has quality and qualified food facilities. So it is not uncommon to many travelers who visited more than once to enjoy the dishes there.

9. Garden Tour Fantasy Beach
Garden Tour Fantasy Beach about 21 Km from the city of Palangka Raya with sitting for around 20 minutes with a variety of vehicles. The location directly managed by private parties has a vehicle for entertainment, such as fishing, water bikes, flying fox, and various other game activities.

10. Fringing the river Tour
Attractions in Palangkaraya, the last Borneo we will discuss is the famous place in Palangkaraya i.e. Fringing the river Tours. Fringing the river ship is in dock Memorial ready to deliver us the tour travelled the river kahayangan. The ship still belongs to the Government of this region leave every three hours that can hold about 25 per person each way.

Well that last 10 attractions in florist Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan which we recommend for you to visit. For a more complete tours which is in Palangkaraya, there is no harm if you ask to tour operator.

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