10 tourist attractions in Pekalongan Most Must-see

Talk about the town, one word that instantly comes to mind You sure about batik. The city of Pekalongan is indeed known for its Batik is soft and beautiful.

A town on the North coast of Java is already earning its nickname as the city of Batik. Beside, Pekalongan batik shopping tour turns to some of the other attractions that are compulsory to visit.

1. Pekalongan Batik Museum
Pekalongan Batik Museum is the first mandatory tourist attractions visited.
The Museum has several collections of batik is complete enough, starting from ancient colonial era Netherlands batik and batik until Japan comes from throughout the region who are in Indonesia.

2. the Curug Squirrel
Curug Squirrel is nature tourism and will be a view that can be enjoyed along the way.
Rice field terracing will make the atmosphere toward the curug Baijing like in Bali. It takes 1.5 hour from the village of Tlogopakis to get to the waterfall.

3. Mount and Curug Rogojembangan
Next is the mountain and Rogojembangan, Curug blend of the green rice field and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the exoticism of nature will make it compulsory for you to visit.
In addition it can also find pockets of white orchids and semar is certainly rare visitors see in the wild.

4. Tea Garden Pagilaran,
Tea Garden Pagilaran, Pekalongan sights is the next interesting to visit. The extent of the expanse of green tea you’ll find here and there are several kinds of games for children such as children’s pool, flying fox, and also mini zoo.
For those who want to stay, many once provided homestay can be rented florist Pekalongan. You can see one of the factory built when times Netherlands and here anyone could see from the beginning of the process of picking up of processing tea leaves. Admission to the area of tea plantations Pagilaran, pretty cheap, namely Rp 5,000 per person.

5. Village Lolong
Attractions in Pekalongan that will test the guts every visitor is the next Village Cried or often called lolong adventure. Here too can taste the excitement of water rafting tours.
In wailed one of the famous bridge. This bridge was made in antiquity and is still standing today.

6. Beautiful Linggo
Located in Beautiful Linggo Kajen. It has a variety of attractions which are outbound site, Zoo, paintball, camping and mountain scenery is so beautiful.
When first arriving at Linggo Asri, you will be greeted with a very cool air and so natural.

7. Beach of Wonokerto
Attractions in Pekalongan that is not inferior to beautiful kuta Beach bali is the beach of Wonokerto.
This beach is located north of Pekalongan and has a beautiful sunset that was so riveting that tourists can watch for free.

8. the Curug Muntar
Curug muncar Petung is located at Kriyono. This presents the sights of natural beauty in the form of a waterfall.
You have to travel far enough to reach the curug muncar. To get to it, visitors must pass through a forest and road tread that looks so natural. Rural atmosphere with friendly residents make tourists want to come back to visit the sights of this nature.

9. International Batik Center
This special place for anyone who loves the variety of pattern of batik. Batik Shop till you drop here. IBC is located in the Wiradesa.

10. Golden sand beach
Golden sand beach is a tourist place of Pekalongan. This beach is visited by many local residents and surrounding areas to travel because of the distance which is quite near from the city centre.
Golden sand beaches are equipped with several facilities of games for children. This location is the most crowded at the time of the feast of Syawalan one week after lebaran or Idul Fitri.

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