10 tourist attractions in Surabaya must-see

Surabaya is the capital of East Java province and is the 2nd largest city in Indonesia. In addition to business and educational center in East Java, the city is known as the city of Heroes is also has many interesting sights. What are the tourist attractions in Surabaya must-see? Check out his review here.

1. the Suramadu bridge
Suramadu bridge is a bridge over the waters of the Madura Strait. True to its name, the Suramadu bridge linking Surabaya and Madura. With a length of nearly 5.500 meters, Suramadu bridge is the longest jembatang in Indonesia. Dibangung with the aim of speeding up the construction of Madura early, now this Suramadu bridge has become an iconic tourist attractions in Surabaya at once very famous.

2. Ciputra Waterpark
Ciputra Waterpark is a tour of the biggest water rides in Surabaya, with an area of about 5 acres. Located in West Surabaya, Ciputra Waterpark has the theme resembles the fairy tale the adventures of Sinbad so the kids definitely love it. Water depth at the Ciputra Waterpark not in because Ciputra Waterpark was created to play the water instead of swimming, swimming the most in only about 1 meter just so when you can’t swim does not have to worry about drowning. Ciputra Waterpark admission price is 70.000 Dollars for a normal day, and 90.000 Rupiah on weekends. For the elderly aged over 60 years, the price of the ticket is free, simply shows the ID CARD only.

3. Surabaya Zoo
Surabaya’s Zoo is one of the tourist attractions in Surabaya. Located at Jalan Setail, formerly of Surabaya Zoo is a complete Zoo in Southeast Asia. The price of the entrance ticket to the Zoo in Surabaya which has widely around 37 acres of this is 15.000 Rupiah.

4. House of Sampoerna
The House of Sampoerna is one of the tourist attractions in Surabaya because the must-see museum situated in this old Surabaya is a historic building at once an interesting museum. With Netherlands-style building and the unique front pillar-shaped smoking, House of Sampoerna is a preserved historical places of the country. Museum House of Sampoerna has a collection of tools for processing tobacco, photo keluaga, various types of pematik, a replica of the kiosks, musical instruments, and others. In addition we can also buy souvenirs and the process of making smoking on the 2nd floor of the House of Sampoerna.

5. Tour of the Mangrove forest Wonorejo
Wonorejo tourist Mangrove forest is one of the tourist attractions in Surabaya, the most favorite for nature tourism. Away from the hustle of the city, Mangrove Forests Wonorejo is a suitable place to enjoy the tranquility of nature. Located deket with Juanda international airport, florist Surabaya Mangrove Forests Wonorejo offers natural natural beauty. In Mangrove Forests Wonorejo you can walk down the bamboo bridge over water and penetrate the dense green Mangrove Forests Wonorejo. Another alternative is to enjoy a tour of the Mangrove forest Wonorejo by boat.

6. Submarine Monument
Submarine monument is a museum located in downtown Surabaya. Museum Submarine Monument is an actual submarine. First submarine ever took part in the battles of the liberation of West Irian from the Netherlands. The monument is located on Jalan Pemuda is very interesting to look at because we rarely see and enter into a real submarine.

7. Memorial
Memorial is a monument in the city of Surabaya. The monument is located in the path of the hero has more than 40 meters high and shaped as the nail upside down. Memorial created in an area of more than 1 hectare to commemorate and honor the entire soldier Surabaya who fell in the war against the invaders. In addition, the underground Memorial museum also contains photos of the documentation.

8. Garden Bungkul
Located on the highway, Bungkul Park Darmo is a favorite place for get-togethers of citizens of Surabaya. Bungkul in the garden complete with a children’s play area, a jogging track, an amphitheatre, a playground of skateboarding, outdoor fountains, the internet, and green ambience. Many cultural and entertainment events held at Bungkul Park. If you want to tour the culinary, in the garden of Bungkul there are also many typical food vendors in Surabaya.

9. House of Batik
Batik home located at Jalan Tambak Dukuh have collection as much as more than 2.000 sheets with different motives and schemes and come from various places in Indonesia. House of Batik batik record ever get with the logo of Surabaya.

10. Beach Kenjeran
Kenjeran beach is tourist attractions in Surabaya, which is famous for families who want to enjoy the beach. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere of the beach Kenjeran, visitors can also buy fish, fishing, and boat rides.

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