12 of the most popular tourist spots in Jogja which is obligatory on the visit

Indonesia was indeed rich in tourism destinations are so beautiful and wonderful, it makes a lot of people especially foreign tourists in Indonesia trip was our beloved. One of the sights that seemed mandatory to visit yogya is a place or places of yogyakarta tourism. Ranging from culture and uniqueness is in the city of Yogyakarta, in addition to the existing culture and uniqueness, it turns out that in Yogyakarta also many beautiful natural attractions.
A great many of the famous sights of Yogyakarta, starting from prehistoric relics to its very unusual. For those of you who are fond of shopping tour you can also get in Yogyakarta and don’t get missed by traditional Yogyakarta if you are visiting the sights of Yogyakarta. Because Interestingly, Yogyakarta is now experiencing a very good growth, from the first to the present continue to experience increased visits.
Nowadays many who need culinary attractions recommendations, therefore, on this occasion halomuda.com will give culinary jogja place recommendations for you as a reference if you want to vacation or travel to yogyakarta. Well, without lingering longer here we will discuss about the tourist attractions that is famous for its beauty.

The List Of Destinations Of Yogyakarta’s Most Popular Tourist Attractions

1. Malioboro Yogyakarta
For attractions that shortly we will discuss is a very famous tourist attractions, where Yogyakarta is popular with the name of Malioboro. It is one of the favorite attractions Yogyakarta citizens and tourists foreign tourists who were visiting the city of Yogyakarta. A variety of merchandise you can get here and of course this is an intriguing Malioboro shopping tour for those who love shopping.
In Malioboro is you can also choose a variety of souvenirs for the family at home. In addition you can shop with all-you-can-eat on Malioboro, you can taste the culinary specialties that are very tasty. Variety of dishes you can get this in Malioboro and to be able to reach the famous with Yogyakarta Malioboro names you can come to Jalan Malioboro, Yogyakarta special region.

2. The Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta
There are also tourist attractions that the hindu times of yore, where the form of the temple is known by the name of Prambanan Temple. The temple with a height of 47 meters it is very magnificent hindu temples that exist in the country of Indonesia. Actually the Prambanan Temple which is a tourist spot in jogja is located in the middle between Central Java and Yogyakarta. Tourist attractions that this one does indeed have a very wonderful charm.
Prambanan Temple very amazing at dusk, this in karenakan makes as if to Prambanan Temple in solar sinari gradations and looks really amazing. What’s the coolest architectural design, made many people interested to look at it more closely. If you’ve ever heard lengenda roro jonggrang, sure you will get to know more about this Temple. To reach the tourist attractions that this one please come to Prambanan, Yogyakarta special region.

3. The resort of Kaliurang Yogyakarta
Well, now there’s a tourist that is no less engrossed than sights that we’ve previously discussed. The next we discuss is popular with the name of the resort of Kaliurang with views of the Green and the air is so fresh, it makes a lot of people visit the resort of Kaliurang. If you want the tiredness away from urban riuhnya, Yogyakarta to Kaliurang Resort attractions, this is the right place.
Kaliurang resort has an altitude of 900m above sea level, the air is fresh, make your body shape. There are several facilities which you can get at the tourist attractions that this one instance as you can swim in a waterfall telogo muncar, swim in the swimming pool of the resort of Kaliurang, stroll leisurely and relaxing in the shade in the resort of Kaliurang. Florist Jogja If you are interested, you can come to the village of Hargobinangun, Pakem district, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

4. The Palace of Yogyakarta
Place the coolest Yogyakarta next we discuss is a usual place we call with the name of the Palace. Traditional Javanese architecture make this place in the interest of many visitors, particularly visitors who like to custom and culture. According to the story of the Palace has been completed built in 1790. And it is this that the Royal family is the center of activities in the Sultanate of Yogyakarta.
In the Palace you can enjoy walks in places that honored this and by the time you walk in the Palace not to miss one of the Wards So where inside are bertahtakan gold Pavilion that extraordinary. You can see how the cultural kentalnya in the Royal family, to you who are interested in the sights of jogja, please come to the streets of the North square, special region of Yogyakarta.

5. Parangtritis Yogyakarta
There’s more of a tourist spot that is very fitting for those of you who love the beach tourism. A popular place with Parangtritis is a place which is at 28 km from the Centre of the beautiful city of Yogyakarta. Sure is a place that has been very popular and well known in the city of Yogyakarta with the waves are big enough, black volcanic sand and cliffs glittering stone looks beautiful became the attraction.
Many locals consider this southern Beach sacred and Holy and according to earlier story it turns out this is the Parangtritis Beach residence Kanjeng Ratu Kidul i.e. ruler of the South coast. When you to Parangtritis beach you will suguhi in the air and waves. So if you are in Yogyakarta, there is no harm if you visit Yogyakarta popular with Parangtritis is in district of Kretek, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

6. Kotagede Yogyakarta
On the discussion of jogja’s next tourist attractions is a famous tourist attractions by name. The jogja tourism places this one is perfect for you who want to make a tour while walking the walk of course more salubrious. Certainly by crossing the Kotagede is you will find a home with tile mosaics lining that was formerly the home of the House of nobility and traditional silver shops.
Even until now, Kotagede silver industry Center is becoming very famous in Jogja, it is a pride for the community. In Kotagede also you can mengunjungin some of the burial place of members of the regular calls with ancient sites. Because it considered holy, you should wear clothing of Java to be able to get into this place, there’s a place persewaannya there.

7. Candi Plaosan Jogja
Next we will discuss is a place that turns out to be is a very famous Temple in Yogyakarta, jogja tourism places this one is famous by the name of Plaosan Temple. Its location is also very close with the prambanan Temple which we have discussed earlier. It is true if an awful lot in Yogyakarta stands a temple had tremendous appeal. Plaosan Temple is built by a King at the time named syailendra nasti in Rakai Panangkaran.
Rakai Panangkaran turned out to not only establish Plaosan Temple, but also build the Sewu Temple and the Temple of Borobudur. Candi Plaosan proved to be divided into two parts, namely, Candi Plaosan Lor and Plaosan Kidul. The distance between the two after roughly 100 meters which is of course very beautiful moment in perspective. Building this value of Plaosan Temple is a mix of cultures that existed in Buddhism and Hinduism. You can come to Kokosan, Prambanan in Central Java to see the sights that this one.

8. the Truce of Jogja
There is a place of religious tourism in Jogja which is very famous and popular tourist attractions, Yogyakarta is known by the name of Truce. It turns out that in a place called Truce this many people doing the ritual and meditation. According to the story, the Truce was the center of the struggle of Prince Diponegoro in which, at that time Truce in a guerrilla Headquarters on the disabled to fight then-Dutch colonize indonesia.
Mystical power found in this Truce in value is still very strong, to be able to enjoy the attractions that this one you must pay HTM. Some of the facilities you can get in this Truce as suppose camping, viewing, verandah, means played, places of worship and public toilets. To be able to tour that is popular with the name of a Truce this you should come to the Guwosari, Display, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

9. the Museum Sonobudoyo, Yogyakarta
A place that will make you a more knowledgeable of the popular tourist attractions with the name Sonobudoyo Museum. These sights will bring to you a dish of Javanese architecture, culture and history of Java which is very impressive. Places named Sonobudoyo Museum has been in the sport launches Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII i.e. approx. in 1935.
Sonobudoyo Museum is open at 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon and on holidays, holidays and Mondays, sights that one is closed. So for those of you who will come to the Museum Sonobudoyo jogja sights this don’t get wrong time and please come to the Trikora No. 6, Pendowoharjo, Yogyakarta special region to come to the Sonobudoyo Museum. Create the experience of travelling culture by visiting the Sonobudoyo Museum.

10. Baron Beach Jogja
There is a beach tourism in jogja that has indeed a very famous beach attractions, this one in the know with the name of Baron. A beach which is located 65 km away from the center of Jogja city if. Places named Baron Beach has beautiful views, not just that alone in this place you can also enjoy the sea which is very tasty. Actually the Baron is a Bay in the squeeze by two hills.
Certainly from the description above about Baron, will make many people feel interested to come to the beach Baron. Culinary specialties at Baron beach can also attract the enthusiast community to come to this place of Yogyakarta, just imagine some foods there such as cob, suppose bawal and kakap lopster is white, you can enjoy the attractions in Yogyakarta. You can quickly align itself to the beach Baron is in Kanigoro, special region of Yogyakarta.

11. Cave Tubing challenging Jogja
Usually the jogja tourism places this one in gandrungi by the lover of nature, because in yogyakarta popular tourist attractions with the name Cave Tubing this challenging you can do activities like for example going along goa using tubes or you can also use body rafting. The paths in the skip in the Cave Tubing this challenging the river within the Earth that is very exciting.
Cave Tubing this challenging you can visit if you are indeed interested in tourist attractions that this one i.e. in Jetis Wetan, Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul, in Yogyakarta. Packages for Cave Tubing in this challenging for you have to pay Rp. 70,000 and for retribusinya you are obligated to pay Rp. 5,000, with funds worth it, you can have an adventure in the Cave Tubing this challenging.

12. the Sambisari Temple Jogja
If you like with the cultural tourism is certainly no less cool than other cultural attractions an sights the famous with the name jogja Sambisari Temple. Actually this Sambisari Temple is a hindu Temple in approximately 1966 ago found by a farmer in the area of rice fields that are not in the guess-guess it turns out in the rice field area there are temples.
Even during the 21 years of new archaeological experts can successfully to rearrange the stones so that the shape of a great temple. If compared with the surrounding land, Sambisari Temple is lower around 6.5 meter. The hallmark of Sambisari Temple is namely not much relief and in Sambisari Temple also contained a statue of Shiva goddess durga. If interested you can come to the Sambisari Temple, Kalasan, Sleman Regency, Purwomartani, special region of Yogyakarta.

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