15 Best Attractions in Sidoarjo, East Java

Sidoarjo is a region in the province of East Java. Its capital is Medan. The area is bordered by the city of Surabaya and Gresik Regency to the North, Madura Strait East of Pasuruan Regency to the South, as well as the Mojokerto in the West. Along with Gresik, Sidoarjo is one of the primary buffer, and including the city of Surabaya in the Gerbangkertosusila.

Sidoarjo as one buffer capital of East Java province is undergoing rapid development. This success was achieved because of the potential that exists in its territory such as industry and commerce, tourism, and small and medium enterprises can be packaged well and directional. With a variety of potential areas and support adequate human resources, then the Sidoarjo is capable of being one of the strategic areas for the development of the regional economy.

Sidoarjo is an area that has a myriad of wonderful attractions including nature tours and excursions like the history of all there in Sidoarjo, if you want a holiday where a suitable place, guaranteed you will not be disappointed especially if you are visiting with relatives, spouse and family vacation you will certainly guaranteed more fun.
The following list of 15 Best Attractions in Sidoarjo required you must visit if you’re visit to Sidoarjo

1. Kepetingan Beach
Kepetingan beach is one of the sights of nature that exists in Sidoarjo. This beach is located in the village of Sawoan, district Buduran, Sidoarjo Regency. To reach this place, you are required to use the sea lanes. The beach of Kepetingan is located in the region of the Interior of Sidoarjo is not many know that Sidoarjo has nuanced nature sights. Like a river in the Interior of Borneo, along the journey down the coast you will be presented with the green of the leaves of the mangrove forest, the birds merdunya bersahutan perch as if into the entertainment itself. The beach is very crowded towards the weekend, especially when the Nyadran ceremony, the ritual alms sea conducted as a form of gratitude to God Almighty.

2. Tlocor and Islands Marine Tourism Sarinah
Nautical tourism Tlocor location is located in Kampung Tlocor, village Kedungpandan, district Jabon, Sidoarjo Regency. Sarinah island formed because the process of Lapindo Mud sedimentation, the unexpected that these locations are capable of attracting tourists. The cool atmosphere of the mangrove forests and quiet is one of the magnetnya. Still in the same location there is also Telocor Beach, visitors can take a boat to get to down the beach. Here you will be presented with the green of mangrove in the left side of the right coast. Small waves rumble interfere make perahumu little rocked into a challenge for you to try. There is also a pier which is created with the purpose to facilitate the boat docked. Because the acreage owned by the island of Telocor.

3. Lumpur Lapindo
Lumpur Lapindo is a natural disaster that originally started with the events of the menyemburnya mud in drilling location. Lapindo Brantas Inc. in Sudun Balongnongo, the village of Renokenongo, Porong, Sidoarjo as of May 29, 2006. The mudflow continues extends to finally sink some residential areas and industrial areas in the three surrounding subdistrict. But along its development, Lapindo Mud is now a must-see sights while in Sidoarjo. Mudflow smoky now mesih steaming in its Center became the attraction. When on top of the embankment, you would see a vast expanse of water and a puff of smoke right in the Center. No wonder that some residents call it a smoky ‘ Reservoirs ‘ tour. However you should still be cautious and keep a distance if visit this place because the mud lapindo can spurt at any time.

4. Par Temple
Pari Temple is a temple in the shape of a rectangle made of bricks, the location of the Temple in the village of Pari, sub-district of Porong, Sidoarjo, just a few kilometers from the center of the mudflow. Pari Temple is a temple of majapahit relics that were built during the leadership of Hayam Wuruk. If visiting this place will take you on the nuances of the hindu religion a very condensed. Around the temple you will also find a statue of Shiva Mahadeva, Agastya statue and 7 two statues of Ganesha. In this temple you can leisure while learning about the history of this temple, then indeed this temple is also very suitable for you visit along with your family. The style of architecture that was imaged from this temple is very similar to the existing building in country Viet Nam. In addition to Temples, there is a temple of the rays of the well with the adjacent location anyway.

5. Mpu Tantular Museum
Mpu Tantular Museum located on Jalan Raya Buduran, a cultural tour that is very interesting to visit. Mpu Tantular Museum are in the area of land with an area of 3.28 hectares. Mpu Tantular Museum saves many historical relics, such as gold and paintings created in the 14th century. The existence of this museum is very important to introduce the culture of the archipelago on the next generation. A collection of historic objects owned makes you taste wandering around in it, ranging from the collection of gold, ethnography, numismatics, geology biology to art in 14th century.

6. The tomb Daughter Sekar Ayu Dice
The Tomb that is in the interest of Hamlet, village sawoan, district Buduran this will be presenting a very sacred pilgrimage tours. Berto sekar dice is the daughter of the King of blambangan and believed to be the mother of Sunan Giri. each finished nyadran, many people who take the pilgrimage to this place so this place is included as a place of cultural and spiritual sidoarjo is a very interesting

7. the Porong River
The Porong River in the village of Tlocor, Kec. Jabon, Sidoarjo to the South. Tourism potential offered this place is inviting travelers Porong River, up to the mouth of the island there is a sludge sedimentation results new Lapindo, Sarinah. On the island, tourists can enjoy the sunrise or sunset as in Kuta Beach Bali. Because of the convenience, many wistawan spending his time on the island that its name originated from the term locals, to fishing.

8. Delta Fishing
Delta Fishing is fishing and recreational rides for the family, its location in the village of Prasung, district Buduran, Sidoarjo Regency. In addition to providing rides, fishing here is available a few rides can visitors enjoy such as outbound, flying fox, swimming pools, water bikes and much more. For those of you whose hobby fishing should not miss the opportunity to visit a fishing pond. It could be said that the Delta fishing Fishing sites this is a complete family of tours for each of the family members with different hobbies can be done in one location. Fish – fish swim freely in the ponds like mujaer, bawal and gourami. Here also you can take a swim turns out why, but would have provided a special pool.

9. Fishing Pond Sedati
Fishing pond is located in the village of Kalanganyar Sedati, Sidoarjo Regency Sedati Subdistrict. This place is a paradise for anglers who want to try your skill to get different types of fish, ranging from tombro, gurame, to catfish. You do not need to bother carrying fishing rods if is here because usually the Manager already delivers the complete package. Plus, you can directly manipulate the outcome of mere being fresh foods readily eaten while enjoying the ambiance of outdoor fishing rods.

10. Sentra Tanggulangin Bag
Center of Sidoarjo Tanggulangin Bag is a handbag Sales Centre, bag-bag that is produced is already often imported abroad. Because the model is interesting and is made from durable materials. For domestic visitors do not afraid of the price, because the sellers will be very friendly with domestic tourists who want to shop bag Tanggulangi Bag Central. This location is in the path of the village of Kludan, not just one or two bag but almost stalls along the road have been met by shops selling tas-tasnya with competitive price. One of the big producers this is INTAKO Tanggulangin bag. Successfully meet the standards of the quality of the bags in the world market, making handmade bag from Tanggulangin great demand of society.

11. the Kampong of Batik Jetis village
Kampong of Batik Jetis village is located in the city centre or at jalan Diponegoro Sidoarjo, you can easily find your location. Batik patterned peacocks is one of typical batik Sidoarjo. Because it is located in the city centre or at Jalan Diponegoro Sidoarjo, batik centers can easily be found. In addition, at the gate entry of handwritten ‘ Kampong of Batik Jetis ‘ super big, so that it can facilitate tourists for sightseeing shopping. Here there are many citizens who sells batik works at home, each with a variety of pricing options. In addition to batik shop at this location, you can also see directly the activities of batik painting on top of the fabric. So it could be inferred that the area of this location is a shopping tour at the same time cultural tourism.

12. Hometown Shoes Krian areas Sidoarjo
Sidoarjo had a Kampung Shoes Krian areas. In this place tourists can purchase various types of shoes and slippers that can be used as gift for family and friends. This village is located in the village Masangan Krian areas Sidoarjo. In addition to the historic attractions there are also shopping attractions not to be missed, especially for those of you who love to shop. Here there are an awful lot of original handcrafted shoes Sidoarjo with best quality, may be one of the attractions is similar to that existing in Cibaduyut, Bandung.

13. Monument of Sidoarjo
Tourism potential that needs to be told when the visit to Sidoarjo Sidoarjo is a square. Green giant trees making colonial-style square Hinda-Netherlands it seems so shady. Amid the towering Monument square Sidoarjo with giant shrimp and Milkfish logo. The landmark of this increasingly complete with the presence of the great mosque of Sidoarjo and ancient buildings which still serves as government offices and a bank. However, the main reason why tourists need to come here, it’s actually because at the hawker centre. Here you can see the florist Sidoarjo form logo milkfish and shrimps in the middle of the cool city of Eve. Because the atmosphere is cool, often many of the residents who utilize the area for jogging and cycling.

14. The Ritual of Nyadran Kepetingan
Kepetingan is a Nyadran that is still surviving. Alms ritual of the sea was held as a form of gratitude the locals over the fish in the sea of Sidoarjo. Nyadran kian lively when done with a cavalcade of boats that accompanied WaSP gamelan to Kepetingan in the morning. Nyadran regular season long holidays when held, thus becoming a moment fit for tourists who want to enjoy a different experience. Each month of ruwah or about 1 week before the fasting month, the villagers held a balongbendo nyadran as a form of expression of gratitude to the creator. Forms of activities nyadran a party demonstration of how to take the mussel in the middle of the sea where the festivities peak on the evening precisely at midnight.

15. Sun City WaterPark
Sun City Waterpark is a playground of water that stood since 2004, its location is located in Jalan Pahlawan Sidoarjo. Just like other waterpark, playground of water also provides a variety of rides can visitors enjoy, you can already play at this waterpark with many rides are available, in addition here are also available outbound and flying fox, waterboom is quite complete and satisfactory in terms of amenities. Here you can play as much and enjoy water rides-rides that tempting. Although it was built about 10 years ago, but the development of tourism is quite rapidly from time to time. Some of the facilities in this place is a life guard, stage entertainment, and medical center. For the water rides are also interesting, namely dragon sliding, water boom and others.

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