4 Foods and Beverages for Diet to Gain Weight

There are many people who have thin body and they feel unconfident with their body. So, if you also have thin body, you can gain your weight with diet. That is right because diet does not also function to lose weight but can also gain weight so that your body weight will be more ideal. Diet to gain weightcan also be applied with your foods. There are many foods that you need to consider to gain your weight. In this article, I will suggest those some recommended foods. And visit body slim herbal for more tips about diet .


  1. Nut Butters

The first food that is good for your gain weight diet is nut butters. Nut butters contain high protein as well as fat. That is why it will be effective to gain your weight. It is very safe and healthy because of a tablespoon of nut butters will also have vitamin B3, vitamin E, magnesium, and folate. To enjoy this, you can mix it with grain bread, oatmeal, etc. Anyway, it can be one of the best ideas of diet to gain weight.

  1. Fat Milk

Different from weight loss diet that is recommended to drink skim milk, diet for weight gain will be good to have fat milk. Of course, it will help you to gain your weight effectively. Besides that, it will be good for your body because it contains high vitamin A and vitamin D. To make it more delicious, you can enjoy it with cereals. Anyway, fat milk should belong to one of the best beverages for diet to gain weight.

  1. Tropical Fruits

When you have diet, you are usually suggested to eat more fruits. It is also recommended to gain your weight. However, it will be different from weight loss diet. In this diet, what you need are tropical fruits. There are many tropical fruits that you can eat for your diet to gain weight such as pineapple, bananas, papaya, and mangos.

  1. Avocado

Still related to fruits, avocado can be considered as one of the best fruits. It is because this fruit contains vitamin B, vitamin E, folic acid, potassium, and calories. That is why it will not only good for your heart health but can also be used to gain your weight. You can enjoy avocado with salad, meat, or toast to make it more delicious. Anyway, it can be a great food for diet to gain weight. Those are some recommended foods for your diet. So, if you want to gain your weight with a healthy way, you can consider eating those foods.

Diet to gain weight can be applied by choosing the foods that you eat. Nut butters, fat milk, tropical fruits, and avocado will be great for your weight gain diet menu.

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