5 Fun Facts About Daisies That Need To Be Known

B-Thoughtful – Daisies are a classic late summer and early fall flower, beautifully adorned with flower gardens and floral arrangements. They come in a variety of bright colors including autumn red, yellow and orange as well as white, purple, pink and even light blue. Here are some fun facts you might not know about daisies:

Many interesting stories are attached to these flowers. According to old legend, it is said that the goddess Asterea wept when she discovered that there were no stars left in the sky. So wherever the tears fall, the daisies are blooming. Also, in the early days it was thought that the perfume from the burnt leaves of these flowers could drive away the evil snakes, making them mystical flowers with magical powers. Another myth suggests that the magic fairy used to sleep under the daisies of the Daisies at sunset. Daisies are also referred to as the ‘Venus Potion’ and it is said that this flower, ruled by Venus, is a common ingredient used in love potions.

Not only are Asters flowers born in September, but they also have the honor of being the official flower for the 20th anniversary because they are considered a love amulet. So this mystical flower gift and like a little star, brings the spirit of celebration until the anniversary of September and the wedding anniversary of the 20 people you love.

The Following Are 5 Fun Facts About Daisies That Need To Be Known


  1. Many Species Are Boiled Into Two

Although there are more than 600 species of daisies, there are two main types that are best known in North America: New York and New England. These types are actually very similar; However, New York varieties grow slightly taller (up to four feet) and have thicker stems and textured leaves.

  1. The Sunflower’s cousin

Many people mistake daisies for daisies; However, daisies are actually members of the sunflower family. The yellow center is textured and consists of a network of tiny mini flowers called flowers.

  1. Rich history

Asters burned and smoking in ancient times as a way to ward off negative energy. They have been used to remember and also medically to treat headaches, colds and muscle aches.

  1. The Significance and Symbolism of Daisies

Daisies have been used to mark the death of a loved one, but are also related to patience, eternal love, luck and feminine energy.

  1. Significance of September

Not only is daisies a brilliant symbol of autumn; it’s also the birth flower for those who have a birthday in September. Whether you want to mark the anniversary of September or the end of summer or fall, Aster makes a great gift idea.

Wishes Can Come True

Like hope fulfilled in a beautiful fall or late summer, the Make a Wish bouquet will keep him excited all week. This bright, cheerful and bright flower arrangement presents a mixture of daisies, daisies, bright carnations and more, and is decorated with beautiful bows.

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Sweeten Their Day with Sherbert

Making the spark is easy with Sherbert’s lively and fun bouquet. It features a mix of contemporary pop art from colored flowers such as daisies and other bright blooms in yellow, orange, pink and green arranged in a sleek glass cube vase.

From late summer to the gift of autumn, daisies are the perfect flower for September birthdays and fall events. Contact the Blossom White Plains Florist or Yonkers with your daisies or to place an order.


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