5 Halloween Snacks for Diabetes Patients

For diabetics now no need to worry if you want to celebrate Halloween. Yes, the festival is definitely filled with sugary snacks to avoid diabetes.

However, a charity for people with diabetes in the UK has created a set of foods that can be enjoyed during the festival October 31. Certainly, penyantapnya will not be haunted by anxiety about intake of sugar they eat.

“Living with diabetes and following a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be complicated. But that does not mean eating foods that are fun,” said Jill Steaton, southeast regional manager of Diabetes UK, told portsmouth.co.uk.

“Enjoy what you eat is one of the pleasures of life, especially during the celebration of Halloween,” he concluded.

Quoted from diabetes.org.uk, there are five sugar-free food is evil, for diabetics, which can be enjoyed during Halloween.

1. Soups maggots

His name is terrible, but check the basic ingredients. The food looked like maggots it is gnocchi, Italian pasta made from potatoes. To make the sauce, the ingredients are peas, spinach, mint and milk. When ripe, gnocchi like maggots floating above the swamp.

2. Jari vampire
Finger pieces are made from dough of flour and yoghurt. Almonds needed to make fingernails and ketchup mixed pepper will complement these snacks like a bowl of blood.

3. Pop corn
Snack foods such as popcorn is the safest because in addition to delicious, corn sugar harmless for diabetics. Do not add powdered flavorings for snacks and shapeless again this.

4. Jelly witch
Make jelly candy at home is commonly done because the recipe has spread on the internet and books do not take a concerted and complicated material. You also can measure the needs of the sugar itself.

When making jelly candy, make sure the shape is in accordance with a Halloween theme, for example in the form of stars and moon style witch hat.

5. Confectionery Halloween
Basic ingredients such as ginger cake, but you can add oatmeal or oatmeal and spices. Shape at will for example the shape of bats, sword forms, and others. This biscuit is certainly safe for diabetics.

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