5 Update Features Video Facebook It Can Help Your Business Online Marketing Efforts

5 Update Features Video Facebook It Can Help Your Business Online Marketing Efforts


As we already know, #Facebook has taken the time and ideas to develop video features to the fullest. The video feature is now presented Facebook is making a lot of ordinary Facebook users as well as users of Facebook for business interests became more and more interested.

In order to meet the needs of its users will feature a complete video and superior, Facebook re-equip the video with the update feature is useful for the marketing and the advertisers.

What features are already updated the Facebook video?

1. Additional Features for Video Players

If we only know the first feature to comment, share, or the like on the video on Facebook, then another case with video up now. How to increase the spread #video also supported with features video player itself.

Now we can choose to enable voice and video or play videos in full screen size. Thus, it is expected enjoyable experience gained while watching video on Facebook making interest videos Facebook users will be higher.

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2. Video Ad Pricing (Installing Video Paid)

Facebook view to the development of video one of which is focused on the installation of a paid video on Facebook News Feed. Paid video will be played autoplayed on News Feed Facebook users. Although able to set aside quickly by scrolling through a Facebook page, but it will still be counted as one view for the video.

The next task for the Facebook and marketing teams and advertisers are displaying video short duration special to arouse the interest of the users of Facebook.

3. The presence of Facebook Video Advertising Metrics

Marketing team and advertisers who uses the facilities of paid video on Facebook will get additional features to observe and evaluate the performance of their videos. Access features that would be obtained on video pages include the number of views and the viewers 30 seconds in the video posted, the date showing videos watched by the largest number of viewers, viewers statistical data to display the video from time to time as well as a variety of other full details.

The addition of these video ad metrics clearly help marketers and advertisers to observe and make corrections to the video content that they appear on Facebook.

4. Floating Video Player

Watch videos on Facebook does not make us glued to the video display. Floating Video Player now features can make the video continues to run while we are still able to access the News Feed freely.

Features Floating Video Player is included as one of the excellent features that are still tested by Facebook. So that later we can enjoy the video while still see the contents NewsFeed. It is also advantageous for marketing the system because the opportunity to watch a paid video on Facebook will be bigger. Certainly no one wants to waste the cost of marketing to video ads if the video is only considered the wind and by Facebook users.

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5. Opportunity to Share Revenue with Content Creators

Content creators who worked with Facebook to create the video content can earn income distribution has been agreed up. Such large publisher NBA, Fox Sports and Funny or Die earn part of their income from #Youtube.

Step chosen by Facebook to share revenue is likely to begin to rival the success of Youtube. The decision to share revenue with content creators can give new impetus to the creators of the video advertising more creative and interesting. So it is not impossible if in the future popularity of video ads on Facebook can compete with Youtube.

Video feature on Facebook is not too much exploited by marketing teams and businessmen in Indonesia to popularize the business. But the news about 5 this new feature will be a breath of fresh air for the presence of Facebook as an effective marketing medium.

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