6 New Attractions in Semarang which Again Hits

Semarang; as the 5th largest Regency in West Java with a population of over 2 million, making this city always closely with jam and hot. Nevertheless, successful enamour the tourists for visiting – enjoy every curve of beauty tour.

Well, for you who want to vacation or are there in Semarang, don’t just to Bukit Lawang Sewu, Dumb or Beach Marina wrote. There are some new attractions in Semarang that really if you ignore. Curious where the location is? Yuk refer.

1. Tree House Times: New Spot in Kulon, Semarang With Refreshing Views

Tree House is located in the Kulon Times Ds. Sepakung, Kecamatan Banyubiru, Kab. Semarang, Central Java. This tourist spot concept tree house surrounded by rice fields and trees that are so green. In addition, from a distance you can see a row of beautiful rolling hills. Highly recommended for you who again nyari selfie spot.

2. Viewing Screen Slopes: another way to enjoy the beauty of Semarang from a height

Viewing the screen located on the Slopes of the mountain area of the screen, Dsn. Brongkol, Ds. Gertas, Guava, the town of Ambarawa, Semarang, Central Java. From downtown, take the journey about 1 hour. Viewing the screen Slopes are at an altitude of 715 mdpl with view its so elegant mount, lined green and also landscape the town of Ambarawa and Semarang. Make the lovers of nature photography, spot could be one option.

3. Nature Bantir Hills: New Spot in Semarang Who Cannot escape the Grips

Nature tours Bantir Hills is located on the Hill of Bantir, Dsn. Bantir, Ds. Losari, Kec. Sumowono, Semarang, Central Java. One spot is still very new and a few spots are still in the stage of development. The plan in this region will be filled by some facilities, such as; viewing, tree houses, bridges, trees, sunset spot, Garden, gazebo, love padlock and camping ground. Nature Hills Bantir Semarang will be officially opened at the beginning of the year 2017. For you who want to melipir from the urban atmosphere make the sultry, try here melipir aja.

4. Pine forest Kayon, the best place to run from Berisiknya Semarang

Kayon pine forest located on the slope of Merbabu in Dsn. Kakung, Ds. Batur, Getasan Subdistrict, Semarang, Central Java. Kayon pine forest offers the charm of nature that is so refreshing with Eve is a pretty cool. Rober spot this one is perfect for you who want to ngadem in florist Semarang or run away from the urban hustle and bustle. In addition, the pine forest Kayon also often used for camping.

5. Setiya Aji Flower Farm; Spot Selfie Hits The Ciamik Abis

Aji Setiya Flower Farm is located in Dsn. Ngasem, Ds. Jetis, Kec. Bandungan, Semarang, Central Java. Aji Setiya Flower Farm is a new spot selfie hits in Semarang with backgrund flowers, beautiful variegated. Great location at the foot of Mount Ungaran make Eve here is pretty cool. For you who want to add the photo collection, Instagram, coba deh into here. Guaranteed Rober abis.

6. Don’t forget Also Selfie in Nglarangan village of Selfie Spot

The spot is located in the unique selfie Ds. Ngalarangan, Kec. Bandungan, Kab. Semarang, Central Java. The location is not far from the Gedongsongo Temple. Here, you can photographs or seflie with the minimalist bamboo-floor home background surrounded by green grass. Being here, as brought to the times in the past, where cell phones and electricity is still very taboo.

Well, that’s a list of 6 new attractions in Semarang. Hopefully this information is useful and could add a reference for you who want the streets to Semarang. And, I hope the Government can further improve the Semarang and develop the existing tourism potential in Semarang. BTW, keep keep hygiene ya friends.

Happy holiday!

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