7 of the most beautiful aquatic flowers in the world

B-thoughtful What if you see a pond or lake with beautiful flowers? Maybe a scene like that will make you breathless. That is the miracle of water flowers. They can immediately make you happy. Here’s a list of the 7 most beautiful flowers in the world.

Here are 7 of the most beautiful aquatic flowers in the world


1. opium flower

Poppy water is a floating water plant originating from South America. This plant is known for its round shape, black green leaves and beautiful lemon-yellow flowers with a red-brown center. Thus, poppy water can be a great addition to your water park.

Poppy water is easy to grow in shallow ponds with calm water. Need full sun. On the surface of the air, this plant spreads 18 inches long and reaches 6 inches high. This plant produces beautiful lemon-yellow flowers in summer. Flowers only last for a day. But poppies bloom repeatedly throughout the summer.

2. Broadleaf Arrowhead

This is a perennial plant that has a distinctive broad and distinctive arrowhead. This produces attractive white flowers, which can be found in three or more flowers arranged around the stem (arranged whorled). Arrow crops grow well in streams, shallow ships and swamps. This plant is also known as duck-potato.

On the surface of the air, wide arrows have a height of 2-4 feet. It grows in colonies and requires partial shade. Beautiful white flowers will open between July and September. Male and female flowers are found on the same stem. Unlike female flowers, male flowers have an attractive group of yellow stamens in the middle.

3. Weed Picker

Pickerel weed is an aquatic, eternal plant, which originates from America. These are commonly found in rivers, ponds and Marshes in Ontario, Nova Scotia, South Florida, Missouri and Oklahoma. Pickerel weeds have long, shiny heart-shaped leaves and produce small tubular flowers on nails.

Weed pickers Usually rise 1-2 feet above the air. The leaves are shiny, green and round, growing up to 10 inches long. Attractive blue flowers open between June and October. When blooming, this plan not only adds special beauty to your water park, but also attracts beautiful butterflies.

4. Hawthorn Air

This is an attractive plant that produces small white flowers that are fragrant. Apart from attractive flowers, hawthorn water has long, narrow leaves, agrees. No doubt, this is one of the best plans to grow in your water park. This beautiful plant is also used as an aquarium plant.

Hawthorn water has a height of up to 10 cm and can accommodate 2-3 feet on the surface of the air. These water plants bloom twice, from the middle of spring to the middle of summer and the flowers return to being open in the winter. When blooming, attractive white flowers produce a pleasant vanilla aroma.

5. Hyacinth air

Water hyacinth is a perennial plant that can be enjoyed from tropical South America. This plant grows well in ponds, streams, lakes and ditches. Water hyacinth is famous for its thick, shiny, round and thick leaves, blue to purple flowers.

Water hyacinth usually rises up to 1 meter above the surface of the air. The leaves grow 4-8 inches. The stem of the water hyacinth plant is long and chewy. It blooms summer to autumn, producing attractive blue nails for violets with 6 petals.

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6. Lotus

Lotus is the most popular and most beautiful bloom flower in the water park. This is a sacred flower for Buddhists. Lotus grows in shallow ponds and lakes. Lotus cannot live in cold climates because they need direct sunlight. Lotus generally comes in pink or white.

Like water lilies, lotus flowers are rooted in mud pools or lakes that live and flower and their leaves float in the air. Lotus leaves are up to 20 inches long and flowers can reach 8 inches in diameter. June to mid-August is the period of blooming lotus flowers. Interesting flowers open in the morning and are closed at night. Lotus that pleases the eye also produces a pleasant fruit aroma.

7. Lotus

Prominent water lily is probably the most beautiful aquatic flower in the world. This incredible flower comes in various types and colors. There are 70 species of water lilies in the world. Water lilies grow in ponds, ditches and other shallow water bodies in the tropics and temperate regions throughout the world. Water lilies are famous for their wide, round leaves with colorful flowers.

Water lilies are rooted in the soil of the body of the water they plant. Underwater water lilies that are long attached with flowers attached and large leaves. They come in various colors including white, red, yellow pink, peach, blue, purple and orange.




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