8 the Kudus sights in Most Populars

You probably already know that the Kudus City is the largest producer of cigarettes that is in Central Java. In addition, the Kudus City is also known as the city of students …
… Yes, the city is a Center for the development of islam in the middle ages. It can be seen from the presence of three Tomb guardian/sunan in the Kudus City, like Sunan Kudus, Sunan Muria, and Sunan Kedu.

List of tourist attractions in the Kudus
Biacara problem, perhaps some people only know that the Kudus City is known as one of the tourist places of pilgrimage. However, the actual Kudus also keeps the charm of nature that was exceptional.
Quiet, here I’ve summarize 8 Kudus sights and surroundings of the beautiful nan.
1 – Sunan Muria
This place became the attraction due to its location which is located on the slopes of the mountain and to be able to get to the location of sunan muria, you have to travel up and down.
Address: Village Colo, Dawe, Kudus, Central Java.

2 – Water Three Flavor Rejenu
Still around Mount muria, you can pay a visit to three water taste rajenu. You just need to head into WSW from sunan muria, and the location of the springs is located at the top of the waterfall montel.
Local people believe that of the three springs in the tourist area of “Rajenu” has different benefits if drunk, as follows:
The first source of water have a taste of fresh fresh acerbic-(Java: anyep-anyep asem/wryly) that is believed to have efficacy can treat a variety of ailments.
In the second water source, you will feel the water similar to sparkling soft drink that is believed to have efficacy can foster a sense of confidence to face the issues of life.
While on a Third source of water have a taste similar to liquor “alcohol/wine” that is believed to have efficacy can facilitate sustenance, but of course accompanied with hard work.
But the unique thing is, if these three types of water if be mixed into one then you will feel the fresh water as usual.
Address: Village Of Japan, Dawe, Kudus, Central Java.

3 – Waterfall Montel
If you still love to hike mount muria, there is no harm if you pay a visit to the beautiful waterfalls. The Name Implies, Waterfall Montel …
This waterfall has a height of about 50 m with temperature ranges from 18-20 degrees Celsius. It seemed enough to be able to make you feel kedingingan.
Address: Village Of Kajar, Kec. Dawe, Kab. Kudus, Central Java.
Map and GPS coordinates: 6 °/38 ° 28.49 S 110 ° 53 ° E/36.32

4 – Kudus Canyon Gray
If you melihatfoto it at a glance, you might think that the venue is outside the country, but in fact it is located in indonesia, more precisely in the Kudus.
Actually, this location is the site of excavations and c. However, no salahya if you see and photograph in this place.
Address: Cape Rejo, district Jekulo, Kudus, Central Java.

5 – Sendang Jodo
If you’ve ever heard the word Sendang Jodo, should you already know this place. Yes, intangible attractions of water (sendang) which emit water-stop tireless also became one of the tourist destinations.
There are myths circulate in society, says that:
For younger couples to visit sendang jodo then they will get a mate and dilanggengkan to do.
Like where did you? Do you want to try it?
Address: Village Of Purworejo, Bae, Kudus, Central Java.

6 – Museum of Kretek
As you know that cigarettes is growing very rapidly in Java, especially in the Kudus City …
… Here you will be introduced starting from the history of kretek clove cigarettes to the production process, from the creation of manually to use modern technology.
Address: Jl. Pejaten Getas, Jati, Kudus, Central Java.

7 – the Kudus Mosque Tower
Based on various sources, florist Kudus Tower Mosque is a mosque built by Sunan Kudus in 1549 Ce by using the stone Qutaibah from Palestine as the first stone …
Cool isn’t it?
… The uniqueness of the mosque is located on a tower that resembles a temple building. This illustrates that it is a combination of Islamic culture with Hindu culture.
Address: village Kauman subdistrict, district, City, Central Java.

8 – Garden Oasis
If you are a hobby of playing in the Park, or just relax with a drink in the garden then you can try to visit garden oasis. Built by PT Djarum’s this has now become one of the favorite places for the citizens.
Address: Gondangmanis Village, Bae, Kudus, Central Java.
Thus some of the sights in the surrounding and very charming, see also 9 attractions in Jepara Compulsory visit.

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