9 Who Should Benda is Within Handbag



Women always carry a few items in her bag. When compared to men, women bag contents more clearly. Sometimes confused also have to carry any goods that the goods do not accumulate inside the bag and eventually unused.


So you do not carry unnecessary items, this is the stuff that should be in the bag ladies in addition to wallets and mobile phones.


Makeup equipment


You can bring a natural color lipstick or color you wear most often. Bring paper also oil and eyeliner. Three it is enough to make more fresh appearance. When you must meet friends after home office, you will not panic.

Small Change


Sometimes you have to spend a dime or smaller nominal money to pay for parking, giving the singers, pay money public transport and so on. If you open the wallet will be long and increase the risk of crime. Then take a dime or some nominal 1000 – 2000 in a small purse.



So that sweat on the face does not make makeup fade and do not make you like a new morning jog, take a tissue. Some tissue is also useful to go to the toilet, wipe leftover food in the mouth and so on. You can also bring a small wet wipes.

Bandages http://www.shophandbagsclub.com/ and Pantyliner


It does not need an explanation for this one. Bringing at least one pad and one pantyliner will make you comfortable because not panic during menstruation. Both of these objects will be felt needs while you’re on vacation. Do not get panic when you get yourself is menstruating without any preparation.

Medicine For Headache


No one knows when the headache will strike. If this disorder comes and you’ve brought some headache medicine, you are not going to panic, especially when you are going to meet a client or meeting.



Although age has advanced and more people need a smartphone to record, pen presence is still needed. Eg for signatures and so on. Bring the pen itself is much cleaner than using common pen.

Pepper spray


The higher the level of crime, especially against women. It would not hurt you to bring security as pepper spray. This small object is said to be powerful to attack people who act not pleasant.

Hand Sanitizer


Hand washing is a more effective way to kill germs on the hands, but it could not hurt to bring hand sanitizer. You never know when it needed it and could be a meal you do not provide a place to wash hands.

Or Mobile Charger Power Bank


If this one is no less important. Useless to bring sophisticated mobile phones if necessary when the battery runs out. Then bring this equipment to ease your life. Trust me, the phone is off or low bat can make your stress and panic.


Those are some things that should be there in your bag. If you own, what items should always be taken?


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