Budgeted that one out of three adults in Malaysia have high cholesterol paras. High cholesterol content in the blood contributes to a serious health problem where it may dihidapi by anyone the no thought of age, and in the long-term future this will give a negative impact to the ill-health of the heart and the function of more disquiet kardiovaskular.Tetapi what we are now is still crowded individuals who still do not realize that their cholesterol is too high paras.

What’s Cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in Obat kolesterol tinggi the bloodstream and all of the cells of the body. he is an important component of the body for the formation of cell membranes, hormones, hempedu and other tissues in the body.

Two main sources of cholesterol
Cholesterol produced by the liver semulajadi you but also allowed diperolehi of your daily diet. Cholesterol that you eat will improve your blood cholesterol paras. The content of blood cholesterol that is too high will increase the risk of heart disease and wind Ahmar.

How cholesterol may cause heart disease?
There are two main types of cholesterol in the blood:
1. LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol is recognized as a face because LDL is too tnggi be formed similar melekit Ahan (plaques) in your blood vessels. This plaque will obstruct blood vessels and block the flow of blood, as is the case during a heart attack or wind Ahmar.

2. HDL (high density lipopotein)
recognized as good cholesterol, because it helps to transport cholesterol from the blood back to the liver salur to be removed. in other words erties, HDL plays a role ‘cleans’ blood vessels.

By the way, to protect themselves from cardiovascular disease, you let perpetuate paras kolesteol high HDL and low LDL cholesterol paras.

If you have high cholesterol:

the risk of heart attack increased by 15.6%
Ahmar wind risk increased by 11%
higher risk for high blood pressure, liver disease, such as fatty liver, hormonal imbalances and problems that will harms sexual function.

Is the main cause of high cholesterol?
Malaysian food is high in fat and calories, is among stem the problem of high cholesterol. American Heart Association to recommend taking cholesterol does not exceed 300 mg a day; for those who menghidap heart disease let mengehadkan making cholesterol less than 200mg a day.


Ingestion amalkan balanced, low saturated fat, and high in soluble fiber
senaman do more often
lose weight
American national institute of ill-health (NIH) to recommend the addition of phytosterols into your daily diet for lowering cholesterol semulajadi paras.

What it Phytosterols?
semulajadi form in the womb a little in food sources such as fruits, vegetables, kekacang, grains, legumes, bijiin and vegetable oils. More than 80 clinical studies have been published in scientific publishing reports and safety keberkesanan phytosterols.

How Phytosterols act?
phytosterol structure is almost the same as cholesterol and phytosterols decision, he will compete with cholesterol for absorption in the system footprint penghadaman. As a result, prevented the absorption of cholesterol, and it shall be cut out together phytosterols. It intends, if you take more phytosterol, the less cholesterol is absorbed by the body and the higher the chances for lowering LDL cholesterol paras

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