African American Wrap Hairstyles

Kate the African american hairstyles

Hair wrapping is a popular design technique for black women, the type netterjacks can be done or hair length. The folders are usually performed either protects the hair while you sleep, or as an alternative to the blow dry. The wrapping is made in the scalp and the hair and wrap it in a circular motion around the head to create a style of beehive. The wrap is, see secured and covered with a scarf. Its purpose is to protect it from the damage of the African American hairstyles, and is the most effective, if apply to only black, relaxed hair.

african american wrap hairstyles

african american wrap hairstyles

Hair tips for packing

1. Short hair
-You need to cover the lotion, such as foaming Wrap lotion to help the movement to smooth the hair in the direction you want to and keep the hair together.
-If you have very short hair or a Pixie cut hairstyle, you’ll them a hair straightening, instead of straight down in a circular motion around the head.
-Extra hair clip to use the slimming short hair to tried the that all of the hair is wrapped.
2. Long hair
-Divide the hair in four sections instead of two, so it is a part of the top and the hair is in each side of the head. Wrap the top two sections around the head to the right, as usual, and will be repeated for two more of the lower part.
-Secure with clips for the hair to make die it does not fall down. This is especially important if you are is wearing.and a is the wrap website for the night.

How do with a with a doobie wrap black hair

1. Shampoo your hair 56. improve and will. After washing and conditioning, deep Conditioning of the ends of the hair from the roots to the product.
2. The roller set your hair. The good, starting from the end of the rat tail comb to share part of his front as wide as they roll, that you want to use. The “thinner hair Detangling comb out completely.
3. Drying the hair. Hood hair dryer set on high, is the average of sit under for 45-60 minutes, depending on the length of the hair.
4. Apply wrapping lotion or cream to your hair and distribute the whole using a wide comb. Now the the pebble in my hair under the right of the Crown to the neck or to the four sections of the forehead to the neck and ear.
5. If all your hair evenly spaced groups of the head which looks like a beehive, four to six large hair clips or Barrettes to keep the wrap in place. If your hair is shorter, for those of you more pins to secure your cover to the Black Guy Mohawk Hairstyles.

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