Architect! Real estate awaits you

The real estate sector and professional architectural and interior design living parallel destinies. To the extent that often are at different stages of the value chain it is sometimes a matter of months that you live evidence of what the other already knows. They are also sectors that will suffer major changes in the coming years: the real estate sector will professionalize and add value to a potential customer base more and better served by technology. Meanwhile, the architects must find specialized niches to serve society in all areas where they are competent, they are many.

Architect! Real estate awaits you

In Monapart we have long real estate brokerage services are an excellent choice for those professionals in architecture and design to seek opportunities for alternative or complementary to the business professional office. And since we are an agency designed (in part) by architects and architects, we have designed a franchise model with which our group feels fully identified.

In this post I want to list three reasons why architects and interior designers can become the best real estate services providers in the country:

I think there are few such complex services such as architecture, particularly those most closely linked to the project. The need to work with such diverse agents as private and institutional clients, governments, builders, workers and engineers, and simultaneously deal with realities as diverse as the urban context, the needs of customers, the law of gravity, economic resources available and multiple regulations architects make a specially trained group to provide much and good service, as well as to successfully resolve unforeseen situations, which is what often makes the difference between a proper professional and an excellent professional.

Again and again I have lived the satisfaction of advice “live and direct” to customers about the possibilities of transformation of a home. Beyond identifying the supporting elements and the position of the downpipes, architects and interior designers we can visualize appropriate solutions and jeopardize the necessary tools to transmit to our customers. Of course, identifying urban affectations or constructive pathologies and the drafting of certificates of occupancy, energy efficiency certifications and all types of surveys also enter the extended service we can offer as agents-architects.

After six years operating in real estate My perception is that there are too many realtors low professional profile. Generally have sufficient knowledge for the exercise of the profession, but lack skills in common sectors most qualified professionals: the ability of time planning, knowledge of tools, languages, cleanliness in preparing documents and deliverables, correct writing , etc.

It is normal when you consider that, for example, the CCC estate agent course approved by the Professional Association of Directors and Managers Real Estate requires study 200 hours without requiring previous university studies (as opposed to, for example, teaching 4500 hours studies superior architecture). Moreover, and considering that since 2000 “Anyone with a mobile can sell floors” is not difficult to imagine that the sector professionals abound little or no qualified architects and interior designers have a competitive advantage sustainable in this area.

The market demands better attitudes and professional skills in those intended to accompany in making a decision is of importance as house purchase and I can not think of anyone better for it.

If you want to know more about this industry opportunity, I’ll be happy to elaborate on details of why this is an excellent business that have a lot to offer and where we can make the difference.

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