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This time I want to share the material on the basic techniques of soccer that need to be controlled by the players. If previously I have discussed the history of football, this time I want to discuss technical matters in this game. Football is a sport with two teams face each other, as a team of course the players not only promote individual games, but both players must play collectively to defeat the opposing team. This is a true collective game requires the players to master some basic techniques of football games. I will divide it into two techniques, namely:




Exercise basic techniques performed without the ball. This type of exercise is used to learn to control the speed and agility of the players, this type of exercise include:


Running quickly followed by changing direction

Zig-zag run to avoid a collision with the pole

Movement hopping

Hankey exercises without the ball, that is with the agility training body

Special training for goalkeepers / goalkeeper



Exercise basic techniques of football that directly use the ball. Examples of this practice are:


Throw the ball (throwing)

Dribbling (dribbling)

Passing the ball (passing)

Controlling / receiving the ball (controlling)

Kicking the ball (shooting)

Ball (heading)

Motion to seize the ball (intercept)

Motion swept the ball (sliding)

Motion capture the ball (for goalkeepers / goalkeeper)

I will discuss some of the techniques above football game, but not all, because some had understood from the name of the movement / techniques such as running cepar then changing direction, or jumping up and down movement.


  1. Throw Ball (Throwing)




We should not underestimate the throwing drills, although only throw the ball into the pitch (throw-in) have rules, namely:


Players must do throw the ball using both hands

The position of the ball before it is thrown to be behind the head and had to pass over the head

Direction of the throw should face court

Feet should not be removed when performing a throw

Should not be wasting time long enough (according to the referee’s decision)

If the rules are violated then throwing the ball to make a throw into the chance will fall and be replaced by the opposing team, of course, this is very detrimental. So what if the players do somersault during a throw-in? it is okay as long as fitting the ball is thrown, his legs began the meeting and on the ground.


  1. Drive the ball (Dribbling)




The basic technique can be termed a dribble run the ball and keep the ball still at his feet. This technique requires a lot of practice and trial. Dribble is the development of a practice run without the ball and zig zag movement to avoid circumvention opponent. This movement is usually done to find a gap opposing defense, looking for a chance to feed / pass and keep the ball possession.


  1. Passing Ball (Passing)


basic techniques of football: feed


The basic technique is passing feed / pass the ball to another team member, you need to master two types of passing, the short pass and long pass, the techniques used when short pass is using the leg in and the power is being, while long pass using the outside of the foot and kick strength is greater than the short pass. Passing the ball is closely related to practice kicking and receiving the ball, when you are so feeders, you have already mastered the technique of shooting, if you are the recipient bait then you have to master the technique of controlling. Passing is done to avoid an opponent who wants to seize and open opportunities with a breakthrough.


  1. Controlling / receiving the ball (Controlling)


basic techniques to control the ball

Mechanical receive really is not too complicated, but sometimes can be fatal if neglected. You can use parts of the body such as the legs, chest and head. The concept is to stop the ball given our friend, if you low ball using the feet, if you’re using the chest while the head is actually not recommended because of better direct feed them again with the heading technique than in the control itself. Regulations is that you must not use your hands to control the ball because it resulted in a hands ball even a yellow card.


  1. Kicking Ball (Shooting)


kick put through basic techniques


Kicking the ball is a basic technique that must be mastered football player. By practicing kicking techniques players can create goals for goals or assists nice. Kicking the ball is closely related to passing, because passing is more towards kick pass to a friend, while shooting more directed kick to the opponent, powernya was higher than passing. Here are tips on shooting is that you can apply in your practice:


Position the pivot foot beside the ball with the toe facing the target

Cultivated body position slightly forward

The other leg is pulled back and swung right about the middle of the ball

Keep foot kicking the ball is the back foot

Kicking legs lifted towards the target

  1. ball (Heading)


basic techniques of ball


Movement ball technique is usually performed to mencetk touchdown or throw the ball (the defender). This basic technique can be trained to throw the ball and then accepted by the head right in the forehead. You can also use the upper head, this technique is usually used to perform operand to another friend who will score goals (usually happens when there is a corner kick). Try not to use the face while receiving header, this can create pain and injury to the eyes or nose.


  1. Movement Taking Ball (Intercept)


basic techniques to steal the ball


This basic technique needs to be done with friends, because the point is to steal the ball from the feet of an opponent. There is a need to learn to read the opponent’s movements and try to read the movement of the ball rather than facing a physical opponent. When you learn feinting without the ball you can also apply feinting to snatch the ball from the opponent. The easiest thing to intercept the ball is fed to block the rate in long pass.


  1. Movement Sweeps Ball (Sliding Tackle)


basic techniques to steal the ball


Sliding tackle is a movement to steal the ball that is actually quite risky to do and obtain a card. Techniques to be learned is slid by dropping a weight onto the grass. You also need to consider the timing to perform a sliding tackle as one bit of the estimated time to produce a card from the referee. It is not allowed in Sliding tackles are doing behind the opponent, tackles the cutting and lifting techniques when doing tackle the foot upwards.


9.Gerakan Catch the ball (for a goalkeeper)


basic techniques goalkeeper

The basic technique applies only to catch the ball goalkeeper, of course, because in the game of football, a player must not touch the ball except the goalkeeper. Exercise is usually done is to catch the ball from the right or left or it could be a penalty shot.


That was some of the basic techniques of football that you should learn and master in order to become a great player, there might be some other basic techniques that I have not had time to write, such as juggling. Juggling technique is also important for soccer players, however when you are sintered with juggling means you have to assume that the ball of your true friends. After this you can learn the rules that apply in the world of football to add your insight regarding football. Maybe that’s all I can say, love football, keep health and success always

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