Bedroom Design Ideas 2015

The basic element of the Bedroom Design Ideas is the bed. Choosing the right bed is the first step in designing a comfortable bedroom. Poor sleep can cause back pain and neck problems, it affects our moods and affects our energy during the day. If you have back problems or hip, it is best to consult a doctor for advice on buying the right mattress and pillow.

Bedroom Design Ideas 2015

The bed consists of the base and the mattress. They can be purchased together or separately. The base of the bed should be firm and rigid to give good support to the mattress. The mattress should fit the needs of the body. Note that the mattress is essential in determining the comfort of our rest. The mattress should feel neither too hard nor too soft. While purchasing required to enable it to lie on the mattress to see how it feels. Take time to choose the right mattress. Ask what are the characteristics of the mattress, in which materials are made, which the estimated useful lives are and how long the manufacturer’s warranty is.

The pillow and bedding are also important for a good rest. The pillow should be comfortable. Experts advise using a low pillow and preferably sleep on their backs (always sleeping on your stomach may predispose to cervical problems). A pillow of a moderate density and about 10 cm high may be suitable. It is not used to a pillow as is comfortable. Evaluate different heights and densities before carrying out the purchase. Note that if the bed is two seats must be individual pillows.

The bedding should be soft. The softness and fabric quality depend on the number of yarns and fabric composition. A greater number of threads and cotton as much in the composition of the material, the higher the quality and smoothness of the fabric.

  1. Provide the right temperature dorm

Room temperature directly influences the quality of sleep. It should provide adequate room temperature for each season. When designing the bedroom take time to decide which system will be used to heat the room in winter and cooling it in summer. The heating system used must be safe and not pollute the environment and run without decreasing the amount of oxygen in the air.

  1. Have good ventilation

Ventilation is another factor to consider. In any bedroom a window to the outside, easy access is needed and allowing easily open the window a little while each day. The natural air flow through the bedroom helps keep the air clean and fresh.

  1. Isolate the noise

In the bedroom the sound insulation is essential. Fabrics, cushions, curtains, bedding and carpet help making it sound to space quiet and pleasant. In bedrooms decor ideas with too much noise from the outside, you can opt for double glazing on windows or walls with hangings do. The thick curtain help isolate outside noise.

  1. Have good lighting

The lighting of the bedroom is a design element to be selected carefully. Every bedroom needs pedestal beside the bed to read and stand overnight. These must point and properly illuminate a book without dazzle. The main bedroom light has to illuminate the room well if required to do some activity, but it must do as aggressively as it might disturb directly into the eyes of those who are lying in bed, resting or resting. Preferably choose lamps that emit indirect or diffused light.

  1. Maintain order and have kept places

The order for rest. The bedroom is a room that, in addition to clothes, other objects are stored: bags, umbrellas, bags, documents, sports equipment, personal items, etc. One bedroom with many things in the middle makes the ventilation and dust accumulates. To maintain order you must have saved places. The closet or wardrobe is the classic choice for clothes kept in rooms that do not have built closet or dresser. Also other furniture can be useful: a chest of drawers, a dresser, a library, etc. In the bedroom the best furniture are those which allow greater storage capacity.

There must also be order in the decor. An ornate room of paintings, furniture and other objects can affect the rest by proposing too many visual stimuli.

  1. Make the bedroom a personal space

The bedroom is a personal and intimate room. The bedroom decor should reflect the personality of the inhabitants. The choice of furniture, materials and various decorative objects will be made, if possible, outside of fashions and trends. The style of the bedroom is the most personal of the entire house. Objects can be used with some personal meaning, memories of travel or photographs to give a touch of identity to the bedroom. It’s also nice to have on hand books and favorite music.

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