Bread Cheers ~ Starting From Project Campus, 4 Sekawan bread Run a Successful Business

Bread Cheers ~ Starting From Project Campus, 4 Sekawan bread Run a Successful Business

The early stages of building the business of each person will be different. For example, as four friends of these students are actually now successfully developed a culinary bakery business stems from the entrepreneurial task given by the supervisor.

Who would have thought of an initial capital of 1.4 million, now after a few years of coursework is actually an extremely promising source of income for the initiators. Carrying the brand name that is quite simple ie bread Cheerful, now even the business received an injection of up to 6.5 billion capital fund for business development. More details about the story of the founding of Bread Cheerful business brand, we have outlined in the article below.roti-ceria

Starting from the Business Assistance Program

Perhaps what is currently achieved by four companions namely mind Arifianto, Dwi Hartanto, Haniah and Fikri Candra unimaginable in the early days of running the business. At that time, under the guidance of the professor, Haris Hermawan, those who are students at LPK Main Magistra Jember have a duty to undergo entrepreneurship mentoring program from the campus.

With the guidance of the professor who gives direction starting from the beginning of the planning, production to sales, be his fourth start building a business that has been agreed that production of bread. Arguably the professor also has a very large share in their success, the article other than science, the professor also provide venture capital Rp1.4 million and loaned equipment used to make bread at the start of production.

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Sell ​​difficulty in Early Effort

After making bakery products ready for sale, in fact, is currently the biggest challenge begins. Namely during the sales period, it was not easy at all. Even as a form of totality, when they have to sell their products in traditional markets starting at 2 am to 7 am. Although already started to trade very early, penjualanpun results are not always satisfactory. Even the bread was still negotiable appreciated Rp1000 be just 500 apiece.

“Our equipment borrowed from the mother-in-law Mr. Haris Hermawan and sold door to door and sold to the traditional markets start at 02.00 until 07.00. If there are remaining are sold door to door, while the first production was only 50 loaves a day and there is not a profit, instead of bread that have been sold cheap USD 1,000.00 USD 500.00 is still negotiable, “said one of the founders Bread Cheerful, Arifianto.

Start Reaping Results

Of businesses are run, one of the biggest lessons gained by its founders is how to remain consistent and keep trying even though business conditions are in position menyengkan. And sure enough, after persist for some time with the difficulty of launching the business, they slowly continue to improve and develop business errors Bread Cheerful much more mature.

From the first run door to door sales concept, now known to the public after Bread Ceria is not difficult to find customers. Even now the production of bread is headquartered in the city of Jember has established cooperation with various parties began to hotels, travel agencies, celebration until the big events in Jember district.

Bread Cheerful currently offers several variants of sweet breads such as donuts, muffins, bread boy, and tart. Not only that, to further broaden customer choice for Bread Cheers also offers other products such as mexican bun, cinnamon roll, mocha bread and cheese roll ups are priced at an affordable price of course.

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Business development Bread Cheers To Get Investment Injections

This time with the huge demand of the market, Bread Cheerful could produce up to 24 thousand pieces of various types of bread every day. From a fairly large number, which is directly absorbed, amounting to 8000 pieces in one day. While the rest becomes extra when there is a surge in orders at certain times.

Given the tremendous potential of the body Ceria brand bread business, not surprisingly, then, investors have put their money as a business booster. Diwujudkana in the form of land and buildings could be used as a place of business, investment funds amounting to Rp6.5 billion will be proof that the business is managed by its founders efforts are now bearing fruit sweet, sweet as homemade bread.

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