Causes of hair Curly and wavy

Causes of hair Curly and wavy All men are good men and women must have hair at birth but grow hair types are of course not everything is the same. Everyone has a different type of hair whether it is straight, wavy, curly, even branched. Basically human newborns have straight hair but due to the hormones that are affected on the environment or heredity could be just the straight hair last will grow into a curly hair. Curly hair this is that not everyone liked it because it might have a curly hair or wavy it may lack confidence and interfere with his performance especially if she is a woman of course hair is a Crown that should be noted.

How to naturally Straighten Curly and wavy Hair

Even though hair is a Crown for a woman but not a little man who had haarpflege wanted her hair to be straight. Numerous attempts to straighten hair may have many good treatments of the salon that is ribonding, even catok smoting. But keep in mind that hair care as it can damage the health of the hair in the future. It’s originally a hair after ribonding, this catok could even smoting straight in a short time, but damage to the hair will be bad in the future.

Causes of hair Curly and wavy
-Position The Head While Sleeping
-The environment is dirty and Polluting
-Frequent Ribonding, Smoting and Catok
-Often Wear A Headscarf As A Hat
-Less hair care and more.

For those of you who want to have a straight hair in healthy but there are instantly natural ways that we can use without having to go the kesalon will spend our money. Of course the natural way is better for the health of the hair and more secure on the head. The following materials and ways that you can use to straighten hair naturally cara mengecilkan pipi.

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