Cineplex21 during the exhibition focused activities of local and imported films

Cineplex21 during the exhibition focused activities of local and imported filmsCineplex21 during the exhibition focused activities of local and imported films, as well as affiliated with the distribution of imported films. Blitz Megaplex has a number of screens of about 10% from its competitors, and is affiliated with the business of distribution of home video (DVD). Both types of businesses are categorized as minor market scale. Cineplex21 dominance in a long period and on a national scale, does not raise competition film distribution business. Therefore, the producer of the film serves as a distributor.

Cinemaxx as a new cinema chain, will perform film distribution activities. In 2009, First Media Entertainment, a subsidiary of Lippo Group with the type of film production enterprises, producing ten. The existence of First Media Entertainment (production) and Cinemaxx (exhibition once distribution) is the only entity (or prospective studio) The first single in Indonesia which has the movie business from upstream to downstream or vertical integration-production, distribution, exhibition. In a very large capital scale, this integration will monopolize the film industry completely.


Restrictions on Affiliate Scale Enterprises Film Distribution and Exhibition

Cinemaxx arrival is believed to bring a fresh breeze in the constellation of Indonesian cinema. In terms of diversity will display a variation of the film which has been very difficult due to the limited variation of cinema.

On the other hand, the combination of the magnitude of the economic potential of Indonesia-related geographic and population-with the unclear definition of the type of movie-related business financial and capital-make projections above can not be ruled out. Especially considering the kind of movie business that is generally dominated capital compared with other film expertise.

The crucial point is the restriction affiliates scale distribution and exhibition business, if there is no possible total disconnection. Distributor to be affiliated with the film production house through shared ownership through the purchase of broadcast rights of the film. This climate will create a production house and / or a film studio in various scales, as well as to restore the type of distribution business that had been absent.

To develop this idea, efforts should cinema

(1) Ownership is divided geographically

(2) Only can receive movies through distributors, through a process of gradual transition from producer.

Thus, the concentration of the financial policy of the film can be initiated and prioritized on

(1) type distribution business, as a buyer of a home movie production and movie sellers to the cinema

(2) The types of production enterprises, the scale of capital diverse

(3) Type of business exhibition area that will foster local businesses and regional film policy.

Japan and Thailand, not an ideal example of a film industry. However, these two countries represent the condition of weak government intervention in facilitating the film policy. In contrast to South Korea, where government policies greatly facilitate the film. Therefore, the policy is not the film can copy-paste from one country to another.

How Kemenparekraf and Kemendikbud view, as the parent types of businesses and activities of the film; Film Agency of Indonesia (BPI); Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Trade; and all stakeholders other films?

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