Curly hair cuts and style afro for the 2015

Do you have curly hair? Maybe not you alises it, because now it will be for a time the most chic of the moment. Learn how to match sacarle to your curls, cut layers to give form to your curly hair, already you’ll see this season as never before luciras did you setting trends.

For the upcoming season in the parades already we have seen it that it turns the volume in any texture of curls, afro style is what is causing more temptation to make a radical change to have the hair straight and wavy, as you know the afro style is characteristic of the people of africa, this loop creates outrageous volumes. Already in the years 60 and 70, was the latest trend in hairstyles provide a fashion look that caused sensations.

At the time of the music disc was also the most popular hairstyle among artists such as: Michael Jackson and Gloria Gaynor. There was a great rush in which many wanted as the stars of the music of the moment at the end marked history and afro hair re-emerges in the 90’s decade, which was retro trends.

Curly hair cuts and style afro for the 2015If you have straight hair, you will need a piece of hair or curling iron depending on the size of curl that you like to take it as they dictated the famous and on the runways.

The curls on the catwalks show us the return of volumes. Easy to do immediately after exiting the shower at the start of the day, make tight braids. After the bath, leave the loose to dry during the day and at the end of the afternoon and with a small brush crepes it or hackels everything to reach the desired volume.

Beyonce blonde hair afro style.

Rihanna afro style in red

The celebrities are not left behind and or rather turn back and look her curls in all its glory. Beyonce, Rihanna is targeting the hair curly hair long or short version.

You know this coming season “presumed of curls” in high voltage or if you dare not, so you can put more wavy curls that also favor much.

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