Diego Maradona: Money to be donated FIFA corruption

Diego Armando Maradona at Italian tv Show


Cases of alleged corruption that drags some FIFA officials later it attracted the attention of various parties, not least the Argentine football legend Diego Maradona. Napoli costumed man ever it supports the action jersey persib of the Swiss police and the FBI in the case.


As known earlier, as many as 14 names confirmed as the defendant alleged corruption on Wednesday (27/05) yesterday. Of these, there were nine high-ranking FIFA. Polissi Switzerland, the FBI and the US Attorney to work together to scoop up those allegedly involved is in Zurich, Switzerland yesterday. (Also Read: Swiss police arrested FIFA officials, following the full list)


Diego Maradona did several times cast a criticism to the body of the leader Sepp Blatter. After this incident, Maradona was more sure of what he had said long ago. “People said I was crazy,” said Maradona Radio La Red. “Today the FBI revealed the truth.”


“The Americans did a perfect job and now people have to explain what happened. That both will survive and I will personally take care of the poor! “Explained the 54-year-old man.


Not only that, Maradona also revealed that the corruption money should be donated to children in Africa. “The money they get [from corruption] should be used to build a training camp for children in Africa.”


“FIFA had kept, 5 million trillion and there are players who earn no more than 0.”


Some time ago, Maradona also had time to voice their opinions by calling the President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, as a “thief”. This indicates if the man who never won the World Cup with the Argentine national team fully supports the measures for the eradication of corruption in FIFA.


FIFA itself will conduct the Congress to elect a new President. In this case, Sepp Blatter re-mancalonkan themselves and will compete with Prince Ali of Jordan.

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