DIY: Floral Hat, Suitable For The Love Roads

Ladies, you are preparing to take a stroll on the weekend? Or may wish to visit the coastline with your buddies? Do not fail to remember to wear a hat or your face will sunburn! If the cap that you have much less gorgeous, let’s try to make their very own flower hat Ladies.

DIY Floral Hat, Suitable For The Love Roads

Floral material


1. Cut the material according to the pattern on the cap and afterwards folding as well as stitching

2. Fold little prior to you stitch the cap to make sure that no noticeable items of material

3. Begin by sewing the hat

4. In order to remain cool making use of a pin as help

5. Floral hat is completed, ready to be considered a walk

Good luck Ladies, I wish you have an enjoyable stroll. If you want to get more information about Jual Dress Korea Online, you can visit the link. Also visuit Jual Blazer Korea Online for more information.

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