DIY : Tie Dye Shawl

DIY : Tie Dye Shawl

Shawl or scarf is a part of fashion. As accessories, you should definitely wear them for appearance menjadis esuai with desire. Fashion world recognizes shawl as clothing of men and women, but there are unique in our country kebaya songket where pashmina scarf shawl is identical to that used as a hijab.


Regardless of how to wear and who does it, various motifs and designs shawl evolving from season to season, as well as clothing design. Such as tie dye shawl. Tie dye motif is quite popular in the mid 70s as the style of the hippie or street community is always on the move.


In the country we know this tie dye motifs of various garments originating from the island, Bali or Yogyakarta. Shirts, sarongs, scarves and even a hat with tie dye motif was so hits and loved all people. It said this motif is very easy to make, never occurred to try to practice the theory do-it-yourself (DIY) tie dye shawl?


Let us try to learn together step by step from DIY: tie dye shawl

  1. Prepare all the tools in the form of a work desk, shawl that will be used, rubber gloves, rubber bands, colorant according to taste.
  2. The first step lid work surface with a cloth. This will protect it from spills dye. And of course, use your rubber gloves.
  3. Fish shawl with a rubber band. Tie in several places with different forms folds. Twisting and binding techniques would eventually form a tie dye pattern on the shawl.



  1. Mix the dye with water sesui the instructions on the packaging. Place each color in different bowls.
  2. Dip each bond in the colors that you want. The layout of the bond will guide you, with color 1 and wherein the color 2 and so on.
  3. Remove the bonding and rinse your shawl in the water until the color of the water becomes clear. Do it without using the engine.
  4. Then wash with warm water shawl, may use the washing machine and dried in the open air.

Good luck.

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