Do You Really Need Fitness Instructor?

For the first time, I have experienced on the gymnastic, I have seen some people are accompanied by fitness instructor. Then, I have thought that I do not need them to guide me. Then, I keep exercising by trying the gym equipment’s randomly. I try the bike exercise, the weight lifting bench, the cross trainers, and etc. On that day, I feel so much happy to do that. Unfortunately, the day after, I get some stiff points on my body.



The role of the instructions

Then, my friend announces that I get the stressed muscle. That is common for the person who examines the gym equipment’s randomly without recognizing the result. In fact, that is true and my friend suggests me to ask fitness instructor as my guidance. In my willingness, I intend to ask their help. In fact, some differences happen to y pattern of exercise. Further, I realize that the fitness existence of instructor concerns on some considerations instead of the motivations. About fitness instructor you can get more detail by visit .

First, fitness instructor leads me to do some steps before to the main thing on the gym. That is the warming up that relating to some devices. Mostly, it is the lifting weight in order to make my muscle respond the weight. To the next steps, it is heavier than the previous one. Second, they manage the schedule of the gym based on the ability of my body. In my schedule, I got the program namely four weeks gaining the powers.

The consultant time

Fitness instructor manages the pattern that I should follow such as concerning to the whole body, the part body, and focusing on the certain areas with different equipment’s. Usually, on the rest day, I got the yoga. It is the calm and silent training. That is to stimulate my body in order to relax and to avoid the cram and stress muscle after lifting some weights. Third, the fitness expert instructor guides me to choose the appropriate equipment’s and those are useful to organize my muscle.

In this case, fitness instructor shows the introduction the function of the equipment’s, the consultant session, and the fitness assessments. During the process, the instructor fitness demonstrates how to do it properly. Not only that, they give the advice to choose the meal which is proper to my body and the duration that I should do on the exercise. My weight is on the ideal weight based on the calculation the length in cm is minus 110.

Fitness instructor is the guide to get the body shape and the ideal building body. It includes introduction, demonstration, assessments, and consultant.

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