Film Mouly Surya Sign Sundance 2013

Film Mouly Surya Sign Sundance 2013


Not Discussed When Talking Love (What They Do not Talk When They Talk About Love) Selected entry Sundance Film 2013. This latest Mouly Surya will compete with eleven films from various parts of the world in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition category. This is the first time Indonesian films screened in the competition section of Sundance. Representatives of Indonesia previously, The Raid work of Gareth Evans, screened in the non-competition section of Sundance this year.

During the selection process, What Not Discussed When Talking Love compete with 12 146 other films until finally elected in 113 films will be screened throughout the festival. Sundance 2013 will take place from March 17 to January 27, but it is not known when the film Mouly Surya will be circulated in Indonesia. “It is an honor to be able to represent Indonesia and showing this film at Sundance. I always dreamed of that, “said Mouly Surya.

Not Discussed When Talking of Love tells a love story in a special school. There Fitri blind met with Edo who can not talk. If only Mubarak can see and Edo could talk, they might be falling in love for a long time. There is also Diana were only able to see within two centimeter. His desire is only the first moment of menstruation, which unfortunately did not come. When Diana met Andhika, a new student, Diana’s life began to change.

“The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis film was born when I met with relatives who can not see, but looks cool themselves update their Facebook status via mobile phone,” explains director Citra Cup winner 2008. Mouly Surya spend 15 days to shoot this new film. Throughout the production process, he had the support of a number of international funding sources, namely the Goteborg International Film Festival of Sweden, the Asian Project Market of Korea, and the Hubert Bals Fund of the Netherlands.

Achievement of Mouly Surya continue the pursuit of Indonesian films in the international arena in recent years. In February, there were Postcard from the Zoo works of Edwin who was nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlinale Film Festival. A few weeks earlier, there are Parts of the Heart by Paul Agusta and Eyes Closed Garin Nugroho which received a positive response at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Not long thereafter, Lovely Man by Teddy Soeriaatmadja received awards at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, the results of the restoration Through Djam Night premiered in Cannes, and the Odd Voyages and Other Diseases works of Joseph Anggi Noen Locarno Film Festival competition entry. October yesterday, Atambua 39C Riri Riza’s work also entered the competition Tokyo International Film Festival.

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