Five Tips for Ordering Mother’s Day Flowers



Flowers are the quintessential Mother‘s Day gift, and the savvy shopper can find convenience and selection if they follow a few basic guidelines.

Tip # 1 Choose Your Florist

Five Tips for Ordering Mother’s Day – You have two alternatives when finding a florist. You can walk into a retail floral shopand order from existing bouquets, browse through catalogs, or speak with a knowledgeabledesigner regarding your floral options; or you can browse through choices online from theconvenience of your home or workplace. Ordering online can seem daunting at first, butchoosing a local florist with an online presence will simplify the process. Local floristspurchase their flowers from trusted distributors to ensure the freshest, most beautifularrangements. They have a commitment to customer service and will work with you every stepof the way to make your experience the smoothest possible.

Tip # 2 Know Your Options

There are so many ways to express your love through flowers. You can choose to send stems,which usually come wrapped in tissue in an impressive presentation box; or a bouquet in avase, where you can often choose the size, material, and color of your vase. As for theflowers themselves, there are many exciting floral choices for Mother‘s Day.Traditionally, carnations have been the flower of choice, but today‘s florists offerlovely designs using other flowers as well: roses, tulips, lilies, irises, and hydrangeasbeing some of the most popular.

Tip # 3 Match Her Personality

Every mom is unique and you want to choose the gift that best celebrates her personality.If traditional arrangements aren’t right for your mom, many florists offer gorgeouscompositions of living plants that will be an accent in her home or office for years tocome. You can choose from dish gardens, which consist of several plants grouped togetheror single specimens such as orchids, kalanchoes, azaleas, and more. Some florists evenoffer add-ons to their arrangements, such as candy or stuffed animals, to allow you tofurther personalize your gift.

Tip # 4 Plan a Surprise

If your mom works, start her Mother‘s Day weekend off right by sending flowers to herplace of business. You can have them arrive on the Wednesday or Thursday before Mother‘sDay so she can enjoy them at her office during the week and still have a beautiful displayto appreciate on Mother‘s Day.

Tip # 5 Order Early

For the widest selection of flowers, order your Mother‘s Day flowers early. Early ordering gives you more options since florists are less rushed and have time to assist you with choices or suggest some unique arrangements to suit your particular needs.

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