Fixed Shown Beautiful With Flat Shoes

Tetap Tampil Cantik Dengan Sepatu Flat


Always beautiful and elegant appearance has always been synonymous with hihg heel shoes or high heels. But did you know that with flat shoes you too can look beautiful, graceful and feminine. Of course if you are right kebaya pengantin batak in padakannya mixing with the garment worn.


There are a few things you should look for can still look beautiful with flat shoes


Pair with Clothes Feminine

To get the perfect appearance and more feminine with flat shoes, you can integrate your flat shoes with a gorgeous dress. Flat shoe is perfect for those who want to have the appearance of a ballerina. For those of you who are not happy wearing a dress, then choose clothes jeans combined with a superior patterned or brightly colored flowers are also suitable to be combined with flat shoes to get the impression of a more feminine appearance.


Note Details Your Flat Shoes

flat shoes generally are not as dynamic as high heels, it is recommended to choose flat shoes with fashionable colors. In addition to pay attention to the color selection, choose shoes with a soft and textured materials could also be an option. Some accents like ribbon, rope, gem stones and other supporting aksesois also can make you look flat shoes become more beautiful.


Right skirt

In contrast to the high heels will make your legs look long, when wearing flat shoes are not uncommon this would create the impression of short legs and even fat. To get around this, you can choose a skirt above the knee.


Pants Right

For those of you who are not happy wearing a skirt, then the pants could be an option. Capri pants and flat shoes is a pair that fits perfectly. Yag be aware of is when you wear long pants, long pants should not exceed the ankle. While for those who are overweight or contains, then you should avoid wearing tight pants or skinny, combined with flat shoes because it will make your legs look shorter and fatter.

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