Flower Essences – Powerful Tools for Emotional Well-Being

Flower Essences – Powerful Tools for Emotional Well-Being

Flower essences, the most famous of which are the Bach Flower Remedies, have been around since the 1930’s, yet many people are unaware of them and thus are missing out on the profound benefits they can offer. Once you acquire even a cursory knowledge of their benefits, you will want to include flower essences in your tool kit to help you heal chronic emotional issues, deal with a crisis, and to optimize long-term physical and spiritual wellness. At the highest level, flower essences can be seen as assisting us in learning the lessons of our life experiences and even supporting us in realizing our true destiny.

So what exactly are these flower remedies? Flower essences are bottled, liquid extracts carefully prepared from a sun infusion of blossoms in pure water. As carriers of the vibrational pattern of a plant, rather than its biochemical properties, they awaken or nurture in us particular qualities, and they do this on the more subtle levels of our being. Each drop contains the entire archetype of that plant in its essence. Unlike traditional herbal extracts which concentrate the chemical properties of a plant, flower essences don’t directly influence our body’s physiology. Instead, they impact our subtle energy fields, which in turn enhance our emotional, physical and mental status. In other words, they help us live happier, more meaningful lives.

Flower Essences - Powerful Tools for Emotional Well-Being

Now you might be asking how anyone could possibly have determined the qualities or archetype of a plant. That’s a good question. Would you be able to look at a honeysuckle blossom and determine that its qualities were “being fully in the present, learning from the past while releasing it”? I know I wouldn’t. Fortunately for us all, Dr. Edward Bach, the visionary English physician who was the originator of modern-day flower essence therapy, possessed the genius, sensitivity, and rare intuitive skills to do just that.

Dr. Bach combined his tremendous insight into the human psyche with his understanding that painful emotions such as fear, anger, depression, and shame take a devastating toll upon not just our happiness, but our physical health as well. Years of study led to the precise correlation of each flower essences to an individual state of mind. In the decades following Dr. Bach’s work, talented flower essence professionals around the world have greatly expanded the flower essence repertoire beyond the original Bach 38, making today’s options laser targeted for your precise needs.

To give you an idea of the wide range of conditions for which a flower essence remedy might be of assistance, let’s look at a few of the many types of situations warranting their use.

1) Self-Destructive Behavior Many people have persistent self-destructive patterns of behavior they feel helpless to change. Giving up when faced with any setback, being overly influenced by negativity in one’s surroundings, or an inability to ask for help when needed, are each examples of undesirable patterns of behavior.

2) Common Transitions in Life Any big change can be stressful, even if it is a change of our choosing. Examples include ending a relationship, moving away from home for the first time, losing one’s job, or even getting the job you wanted.

3) Resolving Soul Issues and Spiritual Evolution While using essences to address more mundane issues, it is not uncommon, that as a happy “side effect”, people find themselves becoming more aware of the sacred, more subtle aspects of life. Examples: dreams may become more vivid and meaningful, appreciation of the arts is amplified, a desire to be in natural surroundings develops or intensifies.

As you can see, for just about any circumstance we find ourselves struggling with, flower essences can help. They do so by enhancing our capacity to respond to life from our highest self. By the way, they are also highly beneficial for our pets and have been widely used to help animals with issues of health, behavioral problems, emotional challenges, aging and more.

The process of selecting the right remedy is both a science and an art. While choosing from among the many flower essences available can feel overwhelming, when starting out it’s best to keep it simple. Do a bit of reading about the remedies’ qualities, and simply choose one or two remedies that intuitively feel right. You won’t harm yourself and you will gain experience which will refine your next selection process. Fortunately each flower essence will have a brief summary of both its positive qualities and the patterns of imbalance it is capable of addressing. This will streamline the process. Here’s an example of such a summary for one of the Bach Flower Remedies.

Flower Essence – Larch

Positive Qualities – self-confidence, creative expression

Patterns of Imbalance – expectation of failure, for those who feel they will never succeed so they don’t even try

You can see that it is easy to get a picture of the basic nature of the essence and whether it seems relevant to your particular concern. In addition to the summaries, the Bach Flower company provides a very basic questionnaire, widely available wherever the Bach essences are carried. It will help you learn more about the emotional imbalances each remedy addresses. As your experience with the flower essences grows, it will be worth your time to delve into the more esoteric levels of knowledge available, but actual experience using a remedy will be your best teacher at the start.

Purchasing flower essences is easy as they are widely available in natural food stores, online, and from individual flower essence professionals who specialize in evaluating your needs and making recommendations. While our focus here has been upon the Bach Flower Remedies, there are several companies producing a wide range of quality essences. Enjoy expanding your use of flower essences by looking into some of those as well.

You now have an introduction into the fascinating world of flower essences and the many ways they might enhance your quality of life. I hope this article is just the start of your exploration. Decades of studies have already validated these intriguing remedies and current research continues to add to your flower essence options as new plants are studied and essences created. Do yourself a favor and give these remarkable gifts from Mother Nature a try.

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