Fly to London, Laudya Cynthia Bella Want to Know Style Hijabers English

In the near future, a celebrity who has decided consistently berhijab Laudya Cynthia Bella will fly to England. The woman with the nickname of Bella had gone to London with Zaskia and Shireen Sungkar. Zaskia Sungkar will be exhibiting his latest work in London, England. Bella’s departure with the brothers was what also for the fashion show?

Bella said his trip to London is not to follow the fashion show Irwansyah wife like that. He said only accompany Zaskia and Shireen who will be exhibiting his collection at Oxford Fashion Week, Devonshire Square, UK. Not only that, this year 27 women also admitted to see how to dress a woman was kept in London.

“On 15 tomorrow I, Shireen, and Zaskia willing to London see the fashion show veil there. I also want to learn how the woman was kept there dressed, knowing the ups and downs of their hijab in the UK,” said Bella when talking at the Hotel Mercure Ancol , North Jakarta, Wednesday (09/02/2015).
Bella added, not all women can carry out their activities properly, especially in Muslim minority countries. Cast film ‘Virgin’ is saying let alone in England, in Indonesia are still many Muslim women who fear for hijab. Like himself will decide when to consistently wear the hijab, she was worried about losing their jobs.

However, because of the strong intention and supported encouragement family and close relatives, Bella mantab wear hijab. Not unexpectedly by him it turned out he was still able to move even more job offers him the post hijab.

Bella added, his departure to England is not merely to watch the fashion show but also a holiday. Zoya brand ambassador it wants to use the time to merihatkan away for a moment from the bustle job as a celebrity.

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