FOR YOU! The tips to apply the shadows as indicated by the state of your eyes

No should be a specialist cosmetics excellence for effect. We leave this manual for get the most out of your eyes.

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Victory with compelling look, you have the best search for every eye shape.

Disregard making a cosmetics fall flat. In the event that there is something we want to exploit our life systems. Whether you have round together, isolated or huge eyes, we show you how to apply your shadow as the genuine experts and brag a staggering look.

Adjusted EYES

What you must do is keep up the common state of your eye and maintain a strategic distance from the extremely energized, would prefer not to give the deception of eyes protruding. Utilize a light shade to light shade beneath the eyebrow and spotlights on a darker shading on the external fold. Apply your most loved liner back to front and closures with a little bend to adapt the state of your eye. As Katy Perry, duty spines effect to tempt wherever you go!

Magnificence: Brushstrokes cake in your eyes


In case you’re similar to Beyoncé, we have incredible news for you! The almond-molded eyes are the individuals who have the ideal proportion, are totally symmetrical and along these lines can fit any sort of cosmetics. On the off chance that you pick the rudiments, we propose just take after the regular line of your eyes. Eyeliner top and base, with shadows in chestnut tones, to get the same look of her magnificence Queen-B.

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Surrounding eye shadow make it greater while an interior delineated will give you a tore appearance.



Such eyes are described by having a lower lash line straight. What we need to stay away from no matter what is the impact of the dismal look or ‘sagging eyes’ as Camilla Belle. In the event that this is you, clutch your inclination and apply eyeliner back to front, thickening the line at the top. For the shadows, isolate your eyelid and spotlights on three shading in the last 66%. Keep in mind to enlighten the range of ​​the tear to give it a support to your look!

TIPS: The key to expand your mascara

Profound EYES

Ruler of the smokey eyes, Keira Knightley, know your life structures and knows how to take advantage! On the off chance that you have this sort of eyes, safe under your temples bone you tends to stick and you can without much of a stretch see the wrinkle of your eye. We prescribe that you decide on darker shades when you pick your shades and apparatuses taking after the common state of the eye, with extraordinary accentuation in the upper corner and wrinkle. Be careful revive cosmetics or generally your eyes will look exceptionally youthful!

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Stresses the shading at the external corner to give a round appearance to your look.



Our cherished Jen has extraordinary legs, as well as they are near one another. Under the eyebrow lights, including within corner of your eye. To give the fantasy of an “expansive” look, apply your eyeliner from the back to front beginning either at the level of the iris or student. Adds additional layers of mascara to the same stature. A major don’t is to immerse the territory of ​​the tear!

Magnificence: The ABC of brushes. Domínalas!


In case you’re similar to Kate, we suggest applying a layer of eyeliner on top and include shadow (not extremely racargada!) In the top corner of your eye. To adjust your look, apply mascara on lower lashes with uncommon accentuation within corner.

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Zoom in or out with the assistance of your lashes and your most loved mascara.



Individuals who have this type of eyes can barely see his fold and give the presence of having little eyes. To open your eyes, under the eyebrow lights and tear. Partition your eyelid in three and decides on a light, medium and dull palette. Apply these hues in a specific order from the back to front and supplement your look with an additional layer of mascara or false eyelashes. Keep in mind obscure!

The most effective method to: The do’s and don’ts of smokey eyes


Nicole knows her eyes are extensive and any embellishment cosmetics can have heartbreaking results. In this manner, constantly under the eyebrow lights, use media or dull eyelid half tones and out, surpassing the eye to give the sentiment lengthening. The liner straight is additionally an absolute necessity for a look

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