Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas

When you are going to have new kitchen that not only effective and functional but also nice, choose these galley kitchen remodel ideas that will give you the most amazing galley kitchen remodel that perfect with your style and budget. Choosing galley kitchen remodel is other way to make your space efficient with the additional element that will make the function inn utility and attractive. The most consideration when focus in galley kitchen remodel is space, storage, and surface area that you can add with various storages such as container in countertop or pantry.

Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The secret for galley kitchen remodel is the cabinet, countertops, and kitchen appliances that connect together in straight lines and against each other. The galley kitchen remodel use vertical space that makes this kitchen model is perfect for small kitchen. The first inspiration is U-shape galley kitchen remodel. This design takes full advantage of ceiling height and light. White painted cabinet makes the kitchen look larger and spacious. Take high tall cabinet that makes you able to store your kitchen appliances and dishes. Toko Bunga Di Depok If you difficult to reach the storage because its height, add vintage library ladder that makes your traditional galley kitchen look great and antique.

If you are having wider space for galley kitchen, you can work in side-by-side galley remodel. For you who have long space kitchen, you can choose modern mix remodeling kitchen. The modern cabinet with solid surface that mix with wood floor, marble tiles and stainless steel appliances make the kitchen look great. Paint your galley kitchen with the contrast color such as orange with white, the blue sky or deep blue in white, or give fresh look with fresh green and yellow. When it is going to modern look, the original stainless steel of appliances can give great look for your galley.

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