Getting to know Pinch Harmonic Technique On Guitar

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Sometimes we hear someone playing the guitar, especially electric guitar, while at the moment there are solo guitar sound produced is very high-pitched sounds and also sounds very cool. This technique is called as Pinch Harmonic is also often used by the world of guitar gods like Eddie Van Halen, John Petrucci, Joe Satriani, Dave Sabo and Scotti Hill (Skid Row) and many more.

Literally the word “pinch” itself is interpreted when English is pinched, so in this case probably so named because these techniques produce harmonies on the guitar sound like a pinching manner. Uniquely for the guitarist in this era of 80-90s techniques like more people know him as the techniques Choking (read cuking), and is regarded as one of the variation technique is quite difficult to be done. This may dikala was still a few people who had a guitar with good quality, so this technique is quite difficult to do, let alone the future effect distortion effect distortion is not as thick as today.

Pinch Harmonic fundamental techniques can be done by way of plucking the strings of a guitar in the downstroke, then temporally on the right thumb lightly touches the strings are plucked. In this way so that it will produce a shrill voice and sounds very cool, maybe even able to attract the attention of the audience (whoa narcissistic ^^).

Actually, this technique is simple so we are sure you all as a guitarist has been used to do, and sometimes even Pinch Harmonic technique can also occur by reflex or may also occur by accident when you are bending the strings or string then inadvertently touched the side of the thumb.

Pinch Harmonic it would be better if it is done with electric guitar and use a distortion effect, in addition to this technique if you instinctively when downstroke then the thumb touching the strings will be more pronounced if by reflex also left finger bending and vibrato techniques so his voice will be loud and shrill.

Pinch Harmonic will be easier if done on a string or a string of numbers 1 through 3, but not out of it is also still possible to be done on the strings of numbers 4 to 6. A little tip if you do this technique on the strings of numbers 1 to 3 more followed good bending technique on the left finger by way upward. As for the strings of numbers 4 to 6 better followed bending decreases.

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