Getting to know the Flowers of Condolence

B-Thoughtful – Not only used as an expression of affection, in fact flowers can also be a symbol of deep sorrow and empathy for the departure of someone you care about. various types of flowers can indeed be used as a medium for expressing feelings of love and affection. But not only that, some types of flowers also can be used as a symbol of feelings of sorrow.

Flower arrangements for sorrow are usually used to show sympathy or condolences for the calamity that befalls someone. The interest also aims to encourage those left behind to continue living. When buying flowers of condolence, you must pay attention to a number of things such as size, type of flower, and writing. Do not buy flowers that are too large or too small because they can make someone who receives them unable to feel your empathy.

Next, you must also provide appropriate writing to show empathy and invite the recipient of interest to get excited again. On the other hand, for the form of your own flowers, you can give them in various forms, such as flower boards, sorrows, table flowers or even a bouquet of flowers. Finally, the most important thing is to choose the right type of flower because there are some flowers that can show your sympathy. Anything? Check out the full review below:

The Following Is More To Know Flowers of Grief


1. Lily flower

Besides being often used as flowers to express feelings of love and affection, lilies can also be used to express empathy and sorrow. Many lilies are found at funeral rites where the type of lily that is often used is white lily. White lily symbolizes purity, purity, and sympathy for the calamity that befalls a person.

2. Carnations

Carnation is one of the most popular types of flowers used as a bouquet of flowers to convey empathy and sorrow. Carnations have a variety of colors where each color has a different meaning as well. White carnation has the meaning of sincerity and purity. You can use it to express the sincerity of empathy for the disaster that is being experienced by the recipient of interest.

Meanwhile, red carnation has the meaning of enthusiasm so that you can provide it as an intermediary to encourage the recipient of interest. And finally the pink carnation symbolizes memories. You can give this flower to give a message that memories with people who leave are hard to forget, but everyone has the right to continue to live a better life.

3. Gladiolus Flowers

Gladiolus is one of the oldest types of lily in the world. For ancient Roman society, this flower symbolizes respect and sincerity so that you can use it to express respect for people who have died.

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4. Roses Flowers

Besides lily, roses can also be used as eprantara to express feelings of sorrow. The usual range of roses used is white and red roses. Both types of roses are often used as a series of mourning flowers because white roses have the meaning of sincerity and expression of respect.

You can use it if you want to convey respect to someone who has passed away. In addition, red roses have the meaning of love and enthusiasm. You can use it to encourage those left behind to not get lost in sadness and continue to be passionate about life.

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