Growing and Caring Tropical Plants Tips

Do you want to have tropical plants as indoor plant but afraid not be able to take care of it? Nah, you do have to read this article until the end as we will give you information of tropical plants care.

There are lots of tropical plants that you can choose such as Amazon Elephant’ ear which has large leaves similar to elephant’s ear, Anthurium that are highly prized for its beautiful flower. For more options, you can choose peace lily, Phylodendron, Orchid with beautiful flower, and many more.

tropical plants

Caring tropical plants require bright and high intensity of light, including direct sunlight.

During the winter, you should place the tropical plants facing windows in the west side to get enough sunlight supply. When the plants are indoor, the fluorescent light can keep them growing.

If your plants have muted colors or color change, this indicates that they are lack of sunlight.

Most of the tropical plants prefer high humidity, therefore you soul give enough amount of water. if you do not water it properly as the water run through the bottom of the pot, it will cause poor root and affect plant growth.

However, even though they like lots of water, make sure not to over water because it kills the root. When you grow tropical plants inside, do not accumulate water in the tray.

For the best result, use distilled water than tap water since the fluoride in tap water cause tip burn on some tropical plants. You can increase the humidity by clustering plants together; spray water to spritz plants, or using a humidifier.

Similar to other plants, tropical plants also require fertilizer for twice or three times during the growing season. During winter, you do not need to fertilize unless you place the tropical plants under direct lights.

It is not that difficult to grow and care tropical plants for both indoor and outdoor. These tips above can be your guidance for growing one.

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