Here are some health benefits of laughter

Laughing, a lot of people who say that this is the best cure for any disease. Turns out, laugh not only make people happy, but also has many health benefits.

Here are some health benefits of laughter, as reported by health me up.


Relax the nerves and brain. Laughter can provide anti-stress effect for 30-45 minutes in the body, the brain, and the human nervous system. Laughter will trigger anti-stress hormones and anti-depressants such as cortisol and endorphins that help the nervous system to be relaxed and calm.
Boost immunity. Laughter is considered capable of releasing T-cells and killer cells that can strengthen the immune system. Research shows that laughter strengthens the immune system can even be used to fight cancer.
Relieve work stress. Laughter also can reduce depression and stress caused by lifestyle. When you experience stress in the workplace or depressed because of an issue that accumulate, with a laugh, you can reduce stress and depression of video lucu.
Help cure diabetes. Laughter also has a great benefit to those suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. A study revealed that laughter can help patients with diabetes and hypertension becomes more healthy. Drug therapy combined with a laugh can provide maximum results for people with diabetes and hypertension on funny videos.
For pregnant women and their fetuses. Laughing mother could give a positive effect on the fetus. When the mother happy and laughing, then the mother’s stress level also decreases. Thus, it will greatly help the growth of the fetus. Growth in most babies slower if the mother experiences stress during pregnancy.
Do not be too serious with life. You should also look for entertainment and let yourself laugh out loud. Because laughter is not only nourish the brain and the soul, but also your body.

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